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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a night!

Last night I went to bed as usual, around 10:30. Nothing out of the ordinary except that just as we headed toward the bedroom, it began raining. I quickly shooed The Gang out the back door for the bedtime constitutional. No one got very wet, in fact, not enough to even bother with a towel to dry them off. Then they had their bedtime treats and off to bed we went.

Jazi hates thunder, and there was a light bit of it accompanying the rain, so I snuggled her up with me till she calmed down. She climbed onto the pillow next to me, and soon we all drifted off to sleep.

I woke shortly after 1:00 with a start. It was raining pretty hard, but there was no thunder, thank goodness. I looked around for Jazi. She wasn't not on the bed. She was also not in her next two favorite places, a pillow on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed, or a spot under the bed where she retreats when it is hot or she seems to want away from the Thundering Herd of her siblings. She wasn't either place.

Since it was raining, I thought she might have been scared and found a hiding place, so I checked every nook and cranny I could find, including the closet since I'd left the door open a crack. Under dressers, night stands. All this time I was calling her, and she is usually pretty good about coming when I do, but there was no response. I was beginning to panic.

My only alternative seemed to be outside, and I couldn't imagine her being outside in the rain, but I took a flashlight and flipped on the backyard light. A sweep of the left didn't find her, but as soon as I turned to the right I saw her. She was sitting in the grass and perked up, beginning to walk toward me. I went down the steps and picked her up. She was really wet, but not to the skin. I carried her in, with all four others bouncing around my feet, grabbed a towel and wrapped her up.

Her eyes were huge. Something had scared my girl. Bad. After she was fairly dry, I got a second towel and swaddled her, holding her close to my body. I wondered what had scared her so badly. Something woke me up, but I had no idea what, so I wondered about a power failure. All my clocks have back-up batteries, so without going to the kitchen to look at the only appliance without backup, my stove, I didn't know for sure. I didn't want to disturb Jazi. She had finally quit shaking and her eyes drifted shut. We fell asleep like that.

This morning, I found that the clock on the stove was an hour behind. I'm guessing that when the power came back on, the multiple appliances starting back up caused some noise, startling her. If there had been a lightning strike close by, I would have been startled awake, and her fur wasn't wet enough for her to have been outside that whole hour.

Next time there is a thunderstorm at bedtime, maybe I will tie a string to her collar and my wrist so that if she leaves the bed I'll know!

Tomorrow .... road trip to Albuquerque with friends!! Whole Foods! Trader Joe's! Target! YAY!!!!


  1. Poor Jazi. I guess I didn't realize she was that afraid of thunderstorms. I am so glad that you woke up and were able to go get her. I can't imagine how afraid she would have been if you had not found her.

    Have fun tomorrow!! I totally get how excited you are to go to the big city to do shopping. Next weekend I need to go to either St. Joseph or Manhattan to get dog food and I can't wait.

  2. You know, I didn't think she was that afraid, to be honest. I'm thinking it might have been something else, like the power failure, but I haven't figured it out yet. I'm remembering when she went through a few nights of going out at night and sitting in the grass for ??? reason.

    Tomorrow will be fun. Four of us are going. Two more were planning to go, but had things come up to change their plans. We 4 are good friends, and when we are together, we chatter and have a very good time. The only part I don't like is leaving the house at 7:00!!! I'm usually awake by then, but "awake" and "out there in the world" are two different things!!

    OH! I JUST FIGURED IT OUT!!!! When the power goes out, my built-in smoke detector gives off intermittent beeps, and Jazi hates, hates, hates it!! That's why she was outside!!! And I don't know how to disconnect it!

  3. You should never disconnect a smoke alarm. I am with you on the 7 am thing. Enjoy shopping and your friends.

  4. Bobbie, I wouldn't disconnect it if were the only one, but I have 2 battery operated ones and a carbon monoxide detector, too. I don't trust an electric one .... what if a fire broke out while the power is off? I'd like to do away with the electric one because of the beeping which is very irritating to the dogs.

  5. That is a very good point my father in law has an electric one plus battery ones the electric one goes off everytime the electric comes back on dispatching the fire company

  6. Poor Jazi--she and Sadie would be a mess together.

  7. MJ< isn't that a funny mental image .... tiny, fuzzy Jazi and tall, sleek Sadie huddled together shivering!!!


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