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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Work, work, work

I spent about four hours doing repairs to the lattice work around my deck getting ready to paint. Much of that time was spent on the ladder with a hammer, screwdriver, staple gun, electric drill, screws and nails to secure loose pieces. Sheesh, I'm tired! And my muscles ache from the "ladder pose."

Originally I planned to replace it all with the plastic kind so it wouldn't wear out. But I don't like the colors available, so I kept putting it off. I could have replaced it with new wood lattice, but I kept hoping to find a plastic in a color that would go with my planned color for the house. Then the economy did it's thing, and I decided to repair it, at least for the time being.

I'm glad it is over. It looks much better without the loose, flapping ends, even if it is still the nasty old green color. Now I have to face the painting. I .. do.. not .. look .. forward .. to .. the .. painting. I probably won't do it for another month or so. The ugly old green will be replaced with a rich adobe color which I think will be much more pleasant. While I dread painting, I look forward to having a fresh look to the house.

My grass is coming up, gradually, slowly. I still have some areas that are not filled in, but it's getting better. I reseeded some of the sparse areas again, so with the rain (Yes, it is raining again!) I hope it will be filled in nicely soon. It was so good to be able to mow yesterday, and Jazi already gave me her seal of approval on it. She was out this morning, rolling in the nice, new, soft grass. She was very happy to have it mown to the right length. So am I!

I didn't think we were going to get rain till tonight or tomorrow, but to my surprise, it started just a few minutes after I finished the lattice work. I was enjoying the overcast skies as it was making things cooler, but I figured it was just going to float on over. I suspect I won't get much right now, but we'll see. We're supposed to have rain off and on through Monday. My mantra through then will be "Not too much, not too fast; not too much, not to fast."

Wanna see a couple funny pix?

First, Lola. She makes me laugh because when she rests, she winds her head into whatever is around. Here she had it under a little foot stool, at an angle that looks so uncomfortable, but she seems to like it. She likes to have her head under something when she sleeps. I don't know what that is all about, but if nothing else, she will put it under a pillow, a blanket, a sheet. Just as I took the picture, she opened an eye just a tad and seemed to be thinking, "Go away, mom."

Before you see this one, you need a story. Many of you know that Jazi doesn't like thunder. She is also thinks the heavy equipment working on the property next door sounds like thunder. So she is nervous a lot of the time. When it happens, she starts trembling and panting. She does better if I sit down and let her be on my lap or right beside me, but when I have things to do, it is a nuisance to be stuck.

The other day it was thundering, but I had a few things I simply had to bet done, so after watching the poor girl wandering around behind me, tail down, shaking and panting, I tried something.
I know she looks as if she is being choked, but she isn't! Don't call the ASPCA. I put her in a cloth bag small enough for her to be able to pop her head out and slung the bag over my shoulder. Then I could go about my business, and she calmed down quite a bit. She stayed in the bag for about thirty minutes while I got a lot done, and she was a happy little camper!

I'm taking the rest of the day off. If you need me, I'll be where you can't find me!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am laughing at the picture of Jazi. How funny. You could put her in the bag and take her to town just like a real baby.

    I love reading about all the things you are doing. You are like Superwoman.

  2. I feel like superwoman .... run over by a steam roller!! Gah. Wanna come help paint the house?

    Jazi wasn't crazy about the bag, but she likes it better than being alone. If I took er to town like that, she would probably would be fighting to get out to greet everyone!!

  3. Love the pictures of Jazi and Lola J plans on painting our house for his senior project how about hiring a couple older teens to paint they could use the money and experience Bobbie

  4. Bobbie, I don't know that I could afford a couple kids, to be honest. If they kind of know what they are doing it is one thing, but if not .... my fear is they would be more trouble than they would be help. I know one responsible teen, and I'd thought about having him help me. We'll see.

  5. Love the pictures. Our shepard is terrified of thunder & any loud noises so we usually have to let her in the house when it storms. Otherwise, she tears up the doggie door trying to get in.
    (the doggie door is for Sassy)

    Good luck with the painting.

  6. Kim, I'm just glad Jazi isn't as bad as Ali was; he tore up many things in his storm induced terror .... books, cardboard boxes, scratched door jambs, etc. Poor guy was a total wreck! Don't you wonder what happened to them to make them so fearful? I really feel sorry for them.

  7. All your hard work is still making me exhausted!! And I love the pictures! Especially the one of Jazi!

  8. LOL! Doesn't she look pathetic? You should have seen her before the bag!


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