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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Midweek Musings

I woke really early this morning. but I went to bed earlier than usual last night, so I guess it balances out. And my head has been just full of random junk. I'm going to declutter, and you get what is getting dumped from my head.

Do you ever listen to commercials and notice an inane statement? Excuse me. Is there anyone who hasn't? Let me rephrase that .... have you ever had a moment when you noticed a flaw in a commercial and it just makes you go "Huh?"? A Pampers commercial caught my attention this morning. I've actually noticed this before, but today it really stuck in my head. It says that Pampers are designed for active babies so it "...flexes in all the high motion areas, especially around the legs and waist." And I sat wondering where else it would need to flex? I mean, the waist and legs are the only areas that might need to have flex, right? Has it been so long that I've forgotten how diapers fit babies? Have babies changed in the last 39 years?

Daypack? when did they become "daypacks"? They have backpacks and travel packs. I understand "travel packs", but what is a "daypack"? Does it not go on the back? Does it not travel? Is it only used for daytime events? Gawd, I feel old!

So I went outside to enjoy the deck for a while. I was noticing the little shelf with my starter plants on it.

A fun area on the deck. Even Jazi thinks so. She hopped up there on the bench when I started to take a picture.

Did you see this pot on the shelf? No? OK, that's why I took a closer picture. This was made for me by my granddaughter, Aleksis. For a long time it sat on a bookshelf with marbles in it. The marbles were my father's marble collection, and when I moved I took them out to pack and decided to put them elsewhere. The pot sat empty till a few months ago when I decided to use it for it's intended purpose.

Today I looked on the bottom to see when it was painted and I was surprised to realize it was marked "Mother's Day, 1999." She was just two years old when she painted this for me. What a treasure!

While on the deck, I decided I would show you that the begonias are growing and even blooming again. Remember? A few weeks ago I discovered that an Oriole was eating them. I bought some larger plants,and the bird(s) weren't bothering them, but when I bought some tiny little plants for some more pots, the just weren't growing, and I couldn't figure out why till I saw the oriole that morning. I fashioned some protection with chicken wire, and they have finally recovered and begun to grow and bloom!

Finally, for the last few days, I have had trouble typing spaces. I know! What's with that?? I'm just typing away, and then I realize that I've typed two to five words without spaces. I don't know what's with that, and as soon as I finish writing this, I'm not thinking about it. Jus' sayin'.

Have a good Hump Day!


  1. I think kids have changed in the last 39 years because all the stuff that you have to have when you have a baby just shocks me. How in the world did I survive childhood???? :):)

    Love the flower pot and what a great memory you have.

  2. Do you have Oriole feeders they are so rarely not seen here. The pampers commercial makes me scratch my head also. No matter how much the babies flex or good the diaper is they always leak at some point. I love the flowerpot very colorful

  3. Caroline, believe it or not, 39 years ago the first disposable diapers were just coming out. And they were awful! I don't think kids have changed, but our treatment of them certainly has!

    Bobbie, until just recently I didn't even now there was a special feeder for Os. I have hummingbird feeders out, and now I guess I need to get at least one for the Os!!

  4. I dont know if anyone bessides me sent you the rain video, but anyway I'm so glad you were able to share it.

  5. Ruth, you sent it first, then I got it from a couple others. One of the favorite ones I've received in a long time! Thank you!!

  6. That little flower pot thing with the net/fence on it . ..will the flowers grow through it and cover that us? looks intriguing . .

  7. When the flowers get bigger and I think they can survive the birds, I will take the wire off. I 'spect if they grow through the wire, they would be OK, but I'll remove it so they can spread out and up.


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