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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09/09/09, Coffee and Cards

It has not exactly been my morning!

I wanted coffee this morning. I don't make coffee every day, but today I wanted some. I got the coffeemaker ready, pushed the button, and the coffee maker exploded .... in a sense. It is one of those fancy-smancy ones that you put beans and water in, and it grinds the beans and makes the coffee, everything except pouring it in the cup and bringing the cup to you. Apparently I didn't push the basket that catches the ground coffee all the way in, and after I walked away, it popped out. I had coffee grounds all over the kitchen cabinet and floor, and because the basket didn't direct the water into the pot, murky water, or weak coffee water ran all over the counter. What a freakin' mess!

Of course, my goofy little dogs decided the coffee grounds came from where I prepare food, so it must be yummy, and went after them. I had to try to keep them at bay while I cleaned it up, then had to chase the almost-coffee all over the counter to wipe it all up. It took me nearly an hour to get it cleaned up. Sheesh.

I made another pot, because I felt like I needed caffeine this morning. I was on the phone with a friend till after midnight last night, so when I woke with a headache, I figured it was from tiredness. Once I finally got the coffee down, I did feel better.

My next task was to print out some business cards for Linda. She had several shows, festivals, and exhibits in the next few weeks, so she needs a lot. I had run out of the sheets of cards, and picked some up yesterday, and when I printed out the first one it was completely a mess! I should have looked first, but then I wouldn't have fun stories to tell. Yeah, right. Well, it seems that Avery had changed the cards, and my set up was completely wrong. Arghhh. It stinks, because the new set up give just 8 cards per sheet as opposed to the old 10 per sheet. I suspect that is another "gotcha" thanks to the economy.

I decided to download the software from Avery rather than adjusting what I had. I needed to update it anyway. However, it took a while to down load the software, then I transferred all the information, and found that I couldn't print them as I did the old ones which were long-way on the card! What next?? I had to redesign the cards to fit the standard way.

The old card.

The new one.

I like either. I'm just aggravated about the extra work.

Now understand, I got up around 7:00 or 7:30 this morning (didn't look at the clock), and I didn't finish with those two tasks until noon!!! What a day it has been. I suspect I should go back to bed and try again tomorrow!

I think Lola has the right idea!!!

When all else fails, take a nap!

I've been reading about the date, 09/09/09. Some seem to think it is a good date like 08/08/08 was, others say it has bad omens. What do you think? How's your day going?


  1. Lets see my phone wont stop ringing the princess of the house is in trouble. And Pepper ate a half package of Chocolate Oreos yeah I am ready for the day to end.

  2. Sorry about the coffee incident. At least you did get some coffee. Can you imagine if that had been the last of your coffee??

    So, you were on the phone untiil midnight??? :):):)

    My day has gone really well, except I am a little tired. I did a lot of studying this morning at work and I think all that reading has made me a little sleepy. I am with's naptime for me.

  3. I'm not much for omens. I say any day when I can get out of bed, walk to the kitchen (and not have the coffee maker explode LOL) is a good day.

    What you need is one of those Keureg (I think that's how you spell it) coffee makers. You just pop in a little tub of coffee and presto/strangeo out comes a perfect cup of coffee. I'm trying to talk Jim into one, but he's way too practical for that. Our friends have one in their home here and one in their summer home (two homes tell you they can afford the Keureg). Anyway, they are cool.

    Hope tomorrow starts out better for you. Really like the cards. Cool.

    ~hippo hugs~

  4. Bobbie, Pepper wouldn't last long in my house!!! Don't touch my Oreos!!!

    Caroline, if that had been the last of my coffee I would have had a cup of tea, a Coke and a swig out of the Hershey's Syrup!!

    I think you know who! LOL!

    Hippo Chick, I'm not big on omens, either. I think people read those and then arrange circumstances to fit in their heads! And you know what? I'll bet I could manage to screw up the Keureg, also! I don't know of ANY machine that can overcome the boo-boos of the operator!

  5. I don't believe in bad or good dates. My day was just another day, super busy with the start of school and today being our first whole day. It did seem endless though. By 11:00 a.m. I was feeling like it was 4:00!! Bummer about the coffee incident. I really dislike cleaning up messes like that, just so aggravating, like when you spill a glass of water all over the floor, jut annoying! Hope tomorrow is better! Naps do help, that's for sure!!

  6. well 8/8 is my b-day (shhh don't tell anyone) so i prefer that day.

    9 is supposed to be the number of endings so i guess it depends on one's attitudes about endings. is an end just an opportunity for a new beginning or is it sad? or both maybe.

  7. Deb, I think most days are what you make or allow them to be. And if you don't feel you have control, take a nap!!

    (M)ary, it's all about the interpretation, isn't it? OK, shhhh, I won't tell anyone. ;D

  8. Like you said to me...some days need redo's.

    I actually like the cool dates like 090909. Remember, I'm that one that wanted to get married on 030609.

    PS..late on the phone with a friend.....

  9. MJ, my niece was married on 08/08/08. Second marriage for each and they figured the could use all the good luck available!

    Yes .............?


  10. Oh lawd, the coffee incident would have sent me sc-re-am-ing for the hills!
    Lola has the right idea!

  11. There was a time when I would have gone over the edge, too, but in recent years, I'm so much better about dealing with stuff. Thank goodness!


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