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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cold (Relatively) and Gloomy!

This morning I woke to cooler than usual temperatures. Outside was 47° and it was just 54° in the house! I turned on the heat! I like it cool, but that was a bit much. It felt good in bed, but when I got out from under the blanket to brush my teeth and wash my face, I realized it wasn't very comfortable. That's when I looked at the thermometer. Brrr. Lightweight sweatpants and a long sleeved t-shirt feel pretty darn good! I like sleeping in a very cool (cold?) room with warm bedding, but when I'm up and about, I like it to be about 65° to 70°.

The sky is overcast and it is drizzling. There is a little fog, like yesterday, but not nearly so heavy. OK, I've talked about this here before. I don't do well with gloomy weather, so let's get this done, already! Seriously, I'm not functioning at my best without my natural vitamin D. I already feel a little edgy from lack of sunshine.

I looked at the ten day forecast, and the range of lows is from 47° to (shiver)40°. The highs are from 59° (today) to 72°. Quite cool.

I had other plans, but my goal today is to get plants into the house. The means, unfortunately, repotting some of them. It will likely be an all day task. It involves some minor rearranging of furniture to squeeze in the tables on which the plants sit, the repotting and the moving of all the pots to their new, warmer inside locations. I really thought I had another two weeks, at least before doing this. Most of them would be OK on the deck, but I would still need to move them back from the exposure at the edge. I'd just as soon move them just once, if possible. I will get most of them done today, I suspect. First, I'll bring in the ones that don't need work, then bring in others as I repot them.

We'll how much actually is completed today. sigh. I really wanted to finish painting the table I started the other day so I can get it back in the house, but it seems that it will have to wait. Why is that things have to be so unorganized and disrupting? I want what I want!!! And NOW!!

Alright, I gotta get back to work. Later!

HEY!! Some sunshine just peaked out! Not much, but it's better than nothing!I guess I just needed to ask!


  1. It was cool and gloomy yesterday and today here too. I am not ready for this! I'm actually still waiting for summer to arrive. I'm thinking I will have to wait til next year for that.

  2. I know your weather has been odd all year. I had a delightful summer, not so hot that I am glad to see it go, but I won't kick about fall, either. I do, however, want sunshine!!


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