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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Deer

Shortly before I left for dinner last night, the dogs ran out back and barked like crazy. I went to see what was stirring them up, and I found:

He was standing just over the fence looking at my silly, brave little protectors. Can't you just imagine him saying, "What? What?? Don't you know me by now?"

He actually stayed put when I opened the door, and again when I took a few steps close to him. As he was muching, he took several steps in my direction, also. Before I was finished with the photos, he was probably just 8-10 feet away! Obviously, he is used to having me around!

Then I noticed his brother was near, also. As usual! I rarely see one without the other.

After three years of hanging out together I decided I need to give them names. I thought of Bucky and .... don't even go there!!! ....Chucky!!!

Here is the one who has always been a bit larger, sprouted horns first. See the little nubbins coming up on his rack? I think he is Bucky.

And the smaller one is Chucky. He doesn't have the third bump yet. As you see, he looks a bit smaller, slighter. Isn't that face adorable? He seems to be the more trusting of the two, more often coming closer to me than Bucky. I love the fuzz on the antlers.

I hope the time never comes when both of them do not return. I've become attached to them, as much as you can to a wild creature. Sunday afternoon I heard gunshots. Over and over and over. I'm guessing someone was practicing for the upcoming hunting season. I hope Bucky and Chucky stay right here in my yard where they will be totally safe.


  1. omg~ they are beautiful! i am particular to Chucky, myself. look at his eyes.

  2. Awesome photos. We've seen plenty of deer around here, but never one sprouting velvet on his antlers. Don't they have hunting there? I know bunches of hunters who would like to hang out around your place. Hate to say it, but that includes my oldest son who just took a hunter safety course in anticipation of the opening of firearm deer season in Michigan.

  3. I hope Bucky & Chucky remain safe also. I never get tired of the beauty of God's Creatures.

  4. Cowboy saw momma doe and her twins in our back yard tonight. I love living in a place that wildlife is in my back yard and we live smack dab in the middle of the city.

  5. Thanks, Dave. Oh, yes, there is hunting here. Not the season yet, I think. I will hate when it arrives, and hope that my two boys don't go into hunting areas. The velvet, as I understand, stays until close to mating season, when they will rub it off and are ready to use the antlers to fight for the right to mate. So we know it isn't mating season. You probably knew that, but just in case.

    Queenie, I agree. I have seen these boys dozens of times, but I never miss a chance to see them again, take another picture.


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