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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

La Puerta de Chez Lynilu

How's that for mixing languages?

La porte de la maison de Lynilu,
La puerta de la casa de Lynilu.

Take your choice.

However you say it .... Hey, y'all, here's my door!!

And when I got through with the second coat this morning, rather than wash away the paint that was left in the roller and brush, I used it on the bench that sits beside the door. I noticed that the red on it was not a color I liked, and I was planning to paint it soon, anyway, soooo ......

The seat and the lower back are the new color, same as the door. I'll finish it out with this gorgeous red, then repaint the designs in new colors, too. But I've quit for todsay because the wind is kicking up. It is supposed to be windy today and tomorrow. I don't want sand all over the wet paint. I'll finish out the bench over the weekend.

I really like the color. It suits me, and it makes me smile. It is very lively, or as the color name implies, "Zesty"!!!


  1. I love the color!
    Now your home resesmbles an Elizabeth Arden salon ;)

    I love the bench too. If we ever decide to paint (and ONE day - I will!) I am going to have a red diningroom.


  2. Thanks! But, or dear, that image!!

    I would love to have a red room. I'm planning to paint my bedroom shades of purple, hopefully this winter. I *know* that makes you jealous! ;)

  3. Thanks! I'm liking it even more as it dries, too. Ya know how you .... or at least *I* .... have that last minute thought, just as you're ready to start putting it on, "OMG, is this really the color I want???" I'm over it!!

  4. I love the new color!!! And the bench looks great as well. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    I just noticed the dog door. For some reason I was thinking the dog door was out back...or do you have one on both sides?

  5. I'll do pictures when I finish the bench. I probably won't work on it till after the wind eases, a couple days, I 'spect. I'm actually painting several pieces, because when I'm through with one color, I use up the paint on the brush or roller on something else. I have 4 items partially painted, and I love that I'm not wasting paint!

    There are dog doors both front and back, providing The Kids with a complete racetrack! In the front, out the back, in the back, out the front!

  6. I love the door, sorry about the earthquake I have been through one minor one and never want to do that again. Yaay for the bras the girls need great support but not a small fortune to make them happy lol.

  7. Bobbie, the quakes weren't here where I am; they were a couple hundred miles north. But thanks! An yeah, YAY Bras!! If the bra isn't comfortable, your whole bod is miserable. If the bra don't fit, get out of it!! LOL!!

  8. Great red color. It reminds me that I need to paint the front door.

  9. It suits me, MJ. And it feels so good to have it done!


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