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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The NM Chainsaw Tree Cutter-Upper Strikes again!

I was able to do some more cutting on the trees today. I wanted to show you how different they look. I took only a couple "before" shots, because I knew I had some in the computer. Then after I was done with the cutting, I looked in the computer for some shots of how they used to look. I realized that I have taken very few photos out back, probably because There wasn't much to see before! All I have is a few with snow, but it is good to show how low to the ground the trees grew.

Here is a before shot of one tree.

And after, with a lot of trouble because the sun is low.

Second tree before.

And after, again, the back light was problematic.

This is a third tree that I didn't take a before shot.

And all three after.

See that low growth in there. That is mostly the scrub oak that I grouse about. It is going to be a removal job all of its own!

The main purpose to do this is to keep limbs away from the ground. In case of a wildfire, the trunks are less likely to catch the fire than the small, low hanging, low growing branches with pine needles. The other reason is to allow sunlight to reach the ground and help the little tufts of grass and wildflowers to grow. Under the trees, especially when it is so dense and low to the ground, those floras and new little trees don't have a chance. The ground is essentially bare there. I hope in another year, I will have a nice stand of those beautiful little greenies growing.

On one of the branches I cut down was this. It may look like a pile of sticks, but if you look closely, it is a bird's nest. It is just the bare bones of a nest.

It has been long abandoned. There is an intricate nest of sticks woven together, but the "filler," of leaves, lint, mud, whatever that particular bird used to form the protective net for the eggs is long gone. I am most impressed with the solidity of the nest, however, as it didn't come apart when the limb fell about 3 or 3.5 feet to the ground. I'm actually thinking what I might do with it, still attached to the limb. It would be an interesting thing to have on the deck, perhaps. Any suggestions?

I'm a little tired, but it is nice that the afternoon temp of 70° made it much easier on this old body than the last time I tackled the trees. I can probably finish the last leg of cutting in another day, but the task of cutting it up and hauling it to the road for pickup is still big. Thank goodness I will have help with that next week.

I'm going to fix a cup of tea and relax for the rest of the evening. Bye, y'all!!


  1. Wow I am impressed with your chain-saw wielding self! The birds nest is interesting! I say put it up for show and get some realistic looking fake birds to go in it! (yeah i'm dorky!)

  2. Very impressed and the trees look great!!!

    I hope you are taking it easy today. I think if you are going to work hard like this you should work one day and take the next one off just to make sure you don't hurt yourself.

  3. Queenie, I thought about putting a couple of empty eggs in it. Still thinking!

    I think I might take up chain-saw carving. What d'you think?

    I'm not planning on doing much, Caroline. I actually feel fine, but decided to do just what you said. Two days in a row might over do it.

  4. Oh, and I know the pics with the snow are from last winter, but I know you put those up just to tease me.

  5. At first, I thought you had an early snow. The trees look good. I know how much hard work that has to be.

    I'd be tempted toput the nest on my deck somehow as decoration.

  6. MJ, the nest is really big! I'd say the nest hollow is about 5-6 inches across, the external approaching 12-14 inches. A cool desk ornament, but probably a bit large for that

  7. I admire you using a chain saw. I am scared to death of using a chain saw. I'd be afraid I'd cut off my leg or something.

  8. Daisy, I was nervous about it, too, the reason it took me 2 years to get around to it! But once I started, the fear was gone. Of course, you have to be careful, and I am, but it's not a really big deal, honestly.


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