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Thursday, September 17, 2009

There are just some days .....................

There really are.

Apparently this was one of them, and I didn't get the notice.

All the plants were repotted, if necessary, and brought inside. I was happy that it didn't take as long as I thought.

I sat down and all the dogs were on the couch with me. Then there was a big crash. If the pups hadn't been with me, I would have thought one of them did something.

But it was right there in the room with me.

And this is what I saw.

The table broke!

The table broke. Both pots broke. One of the saucers (the expensive one, of course) broke. My calm broke.

I don't have another pot anywhere big enough, nor enough smaller pots to take care of this. I have to buy a pot or pots tomorrow.

And I'll be renting a carpet shampooer soon.



  1. Awww Lyn what a shame!

  2. OH no!!! I am so sorry that happened. Just take a deep breathe....tomorrow will be better.

  3. when you heard the noise did you automatically start to say one dog's name over the others? i always blame my dog even if he is in the room and the cats aren't! my mind goes directly to him because often, he is the one getting into stuff!

  4. Anon, I know. I'm sure it was my fault. The large one was kinda off center so I could get the other one on. The table was very old, and since it broke along the seam, I'm guessing it was weak. :(

    Caroline, I surely hope so! gah!

    Mary, not really, because tey ALL eat my plants. I had been chasing them away from the plants all day long! It could have been any of them. Is that a version of "safety in numbers"?

  5. Yep that was me Lyn...was having a problem but seems to be ok now. The anonymous was me as well. Have a great story for your bloggers who happedn to haved a fridge with the freezer on the bottom. Last week we headed out of town to visit some friends. As we were leaving I decided to put the bread and bagels in the freezer so we would have them when we returned. Unknown to me. I didnt close the freezer door completely so you can imagine the mess when we arrived home 5 days later. Ice-cream, fudge bars I keep for the kids, french fries, frozen veggies etc etc etc and a ton of water on the floor. Hope I remember to double check the next time.

  6. Ooooooookay! I'm thinking Anon is Ruth?

    Yuck, that sounds like a real mess! And expensive, too! I'll bet next time, you'll think twice before going out the door.

  7. That is bizarre, it just broke. Good thing the kids were right there with you and didn't have to take the rap for some "ghost"
    Woo~oo~oo~oo~ I'm sorry about the mess though

  8. Yeah, too much weight + very old table + off center of table = boom. What can I say? I should have known better!

    I am awfully glad one of the kids wasn't UNDER all that!! Sobering, scary thought.

  9. Pooh, some times you just want to REWIND...


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