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Friday, October 16, 2009

Another of those "I don't get it" moments

Isn't it interesting ....

(take a quick gander at this, then come back here)

How is it, in our society, that inter racial marriages (marriage between people of different races) is not OK, but ....

inter gender marriages (between people of different genders) is the only way to go?

"Mix and match" works only where people want it to, doesn't it? The rules seem to be like "I before E, except after C .... and a few other exceptions at my discretion to be announced later as I figure out things I just don't like."

All I can say is WTF???


  1. I was shocked when I read the story as well. I don't undersatnd how a judge can do that and get away with it??????????

  2. Well, I guess he has the right to refuse to marry any couple he wants. OK, whatever. But it opens a can of worms, in my thinking. To deny a legal right to anyone, based on personal opinion is wrong.

    What stunned me is the way we, as a society, or rather the groups in the society, pick and choose which inter-(fill in the blank) is acceptable and which can be thrown out. Specifically .... are we supposed to marry people like ourselves or not? And who made that rule, God? Billy Graham? The Supreme Court? The Supremes? The guy next door? Screw all that!! We should be able to marry who we want, consenting adults.

    Double standards are so prevalent.

  3. I was so outraged by this. Your right marriage should be between consenting adults no matter the color,race,sexual preference. If you want to save children and marriage then outlaw divorce but then the murder rate would probably triple or worse.

  4. Bobbie, yeah, I think it would benefit us all to have better premarital counseling, even a waiting period like there is some places for divorcing. But until then, leave the adults to make their own decisions.

  5. i once heard, there are no different races. we are all the same race: the human race.

  6. Yep, I agree. The rest of it is just silliness.


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