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Monday, October 26, 2009

ARRRGGGGHHH. Blogger craziness. I've noticed for several days that my profile picture was not showing up on the thumbnail on comments. Nor was it showing up in the "followers" section of everyone's blogs. I can't find a setting to change, except the one that turns off the photos for everyone who comments on my blog. I did click that one off and then back on. No change.

I changed my profile photo. at first there was no change in the thumbnails, then a few minutes later, my old profile picture showed up in the thumbnails while the new profile pic is on my own page. Now I don't show up on y'all's "followers" section! Where my photo should be is a blank. If I click on the blank, it opens my information.

As I said, ARRRGGGG!!!!

I'll try again tomorrow.


  1. I hope your pic shows up OK. Between snafus with FaceBook, Firefox, Blogger, and my cable TV, I'm almost ready to take a break from all technologies.

  2. I have noticed that I can't see your profile pic on my "followers" page, but that's it. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  3. Well, when I finish this reply and publish it, we will see if it has corrected itself. Here goes nothing!

  4. OK, that is fixed. Now I'll check to see if it is fixed on your followers links.

  5. OK, all is right again in the technological world of Lynilu. I checked several blogs, and the thumbnail still wasn't showing up in followers. So I removed myself from Caroline's followers, then rejoined, and the photo was there.

    I sighed, knowing I was going to have to do that with everyone, and moved on to the next one on the long list of blogs I follow. Apparently, however, that one correction was generalized to all the others. Whew.

  6. Ain't computer great...when they do what they are supposed to do.

  7. i have had that issue too. it seems to come and go and i have no clue as to why.

    i noticed none of the pictures were showing up with comments on my blog today!

  8. Mary, if it is all the comments on your own blog, there is a setting you might check. Settings => Comments => (near the bottom of the page is) "Show profile images on comments," and you can make sure it is marked "yes."

    This occasional hiccups are just so irritating, aren't they?


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