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Friday, October 09, 2009

Cleaning and Cowboys

I started to do a regular cleaning of the kitchen today, but once I got into it, a burr under my saddle turned it into a marathon-type deep cleaning. I'm not totally finished, but close, and I love it when I do this kind of cleaning! I'll finish it up on Sunday. I can't do it tomorrow, because .... I gotta go to the Cowboy Symposium in Ruidoso.

The Symposium is one of, if not THE, biggest of it's kind. I don't know if this link will work for non-members of F*cebook, but I hope it does: Several of my friends are showing their art at the symposium, and they ended up with a couple extra passes, so they gave one to me. Yay! That saves me having to put out $25 or so. I'm very into anything that keeps money from leaving my proximity!

This is the third year I've lived here, and yet I've never gone. Everyone I've talked to says it is well worth it. The art vendors, food vendors, exhibits of all kinds should keep me busy for quite a while. I haven't checked the schedule, but I'm hoping to see the Horse Whisperer. I'd rather see him than Larry Gatlin or Mel Tellis. I've heard the cowboy cook off is excellent. Anyway, I'm off for the fun for the day.

I wish I had someone to go with me, but most of my friends are exhibiting. That's OK. There were times in the past that I wouldn't have ventured to something like that alone, but this is the new me. It doesn't really bother me at all to do it now. That's one of the great things I've learned about me while living on my own. I like the confidence I've grown. It suits me.

I'm off to bed. Gotta get some rest. You never know what .... or who .... I might run into there, and I must look my best, right?  ;-)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!! I should plan on coming to visit you next year during this event. I would love to taste some of the biscuit and gravy enteries.

    How cool that the Horse Whisperer will be there. Did you ever read the book?? It's probably one of my favorite. I read it while I was on my honeymoon with James.

  2. Cleaning is such a pain but it feels so good when you're done! Good for you! The Symposium sounds like a great, fun-filled day. Can't wait to read all about it! Have a great time!!

  3. Caroline, I've not read the book. I'll have to see if the library has it. They probably do, as that would appeal to lots of people of all ages, I'll bet. Yes, Ill check on the dates for next year. I'll get you out here again, even if we have to plan a year in advance!! You know there is a rule about visiting the great southwest, though, don't you? Three visits and you HAVE to move here! And biscuits and gravy are a favorite of mine, too. Yum!

    eb, you are so right. Especially the deep kind. I was unloading shelves, organizing, giving everything a "bath" if it sits our and collects "kitchen dust," taking toothpicks to crevasses, etc. There is a special satisfaction from that kind of cleaning. It is so special that I don't do it often. After all, I don't want the specialness to be less joyful!! LOL! You betcha, I'm gonna writ Tune in again!!

  4. I hope there are pictures also. I need to deep clean also would you like to come help the leaves are very colorful this time of year so this has to be a plus lol.

  5. I hope you have a fun day!!! ;-)

  6. Your cleaning spirit needed to rub off on me.

    Good for you for getting out by yourself. Once I got comfortable doing that, I started to feel like I could do anything.

  7. DaisyI did!

    MJ, it is really liberating to be able to just go and do, isn't it?


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