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Monday, October 05, 2009

A couple thoughts ....

A couple days ago I looked out back and saw one of my boys, the little buck deer I've watched grow up. Interestingly he was hanging out with a doe with two little fawns. I don't know if he has a lady in his life now or if that might have been his mother with his younger siblings.

I was trying to slip quietly out the back door to take pictures of the mom and babies, and they, unfortunately, took off before I could get snaps. And the boy looked at me with more startle in his posture that I've seen in a long time. I don't know if he was alarmed or if he was incensed that I ran off the others. Here is his look....
I can't tell for certain, but I think the velvet is off his antlers, so it is possible that he is a-courtin' and irritate that I'm getting in the way. I actually don't think a doe with first-year babies is "courtable," but he might not realize that yet. I donno.

And I saw a beautiful moonrise last night. There were just enough clouds to reflect the light from the moon show up.

It was really pretty.
The kind of sky that makes me wish I were in love!!
That's all, just a little sharing!


  1. could this be the baby-daddy??! he seems a bit young to have spawned children already, but you never know. teenagers are teenagers, no matter what the species.

  2. Love the pictures of the deer and the moon and I also love the cartoon of Mutts. Enjoy nature and your world it could change in a heartbeat.

  3. I doubt it, Mary, but as you say, you never know!

    Bobbie, it could absolutely change in an eye blink. Never miss a moment, I say.

  4. LOL at Mary's comment. How funny!! He is very handsome and I love the picture of him. I did notice that there seems to be a house in one of the that your new neighbor? If it is...boy their house is close. When I was there, there were no houses remotely close to you.

    Great pics of the moon. I need to get out and practice more taking pictures of the moon. We have been having some really beautiful harvest moons lately.

  5. Caroline, the house isn't as close as it looks, as I had the zoom working, but yeah, it is closer than I would prefer. Ah, well. They are good neighbors, and I think it will be OK. They are planning to plant some extra foliage out there. Good! that saves me the trouble!

    I 'spect I could get some better pictures if I'd break down an learn to use the manual settings, to be honest. I'm lazy, what can I say?

  6. I never get tired of seeing deer, such beautiful graceful creatures!

    I love the moon too but I can NEVER take a decent pic of it! Yours are beautiful!

  7. Thanks, Patti! I think if would learn to use the manual settings, the photos would be even more interesting, but as I said above, till I get off my lazy butt and really learn to use them effectively, these will do!

  8. The deer have moved back into our neighborhood. I love catching them in action and watching them.


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