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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun dinner!!

Oh, what fun the dinner was tonight! Of, course, that's nothing new, it usually is.

I did three new recipes, a superb chili, green chili beef, and Smithsonian New Mexico Apple Pie. I'll be posting recipes over on the Cookin' Corner in the next couple days (The recipes are posted now.), so watch for it if you are interested. All three were amazingly well received, and I have to say that the pie is the best I've ever made. Or tasted! Yummmmmmm.

I was very impressed with My Kids tonight. I had nine guests, so a total of ten two-leggers were swarming through the house. Very imposing to the five little four-leggers. They barked a little at the first two guests who arrived, but then settled down and were just as happy as could be the rest of the evening. Sammy kept his distance for about 45 minutes, then he joined us. He wound up sitting on the couch with his chin resting on the thigh of a woman who was a first time guest. She is probably 75 or so, and she fell in love with all of them, but after she heard his story was very touched that Sam accepted her so readily. Max was the most uncomfortable. He followed at my heels all night, but didn't shy away when others petted him. Of course, Jazi, Joey, and Lola were the usual flirty, funny selves. Yay! Another step forward for The Gang! They can be quite sociable and charming!

I love these dinners!


  1. The dinners sounds scrumptious. But apple pie with green chili? Not so sure about that one. I'd have to sample it first.

  2. I am glad the dinner was a Success and yaaaaaay for the gang they have really came along way that shows what a great pet owner and how much work and effort you put into them.

  3. Dave, I know. Chili, red or green, is an acquired taste. However, I find that many things that make those unfamiliar with chili pleasantly surprised when they try some of those out-of-the-ordinary tastes or mixtures. It was scrumptious!

    Bobbie, I'm really proud of the kids. Sometimes, when it is just them and me here at home, I don't see it, but then these moments really make it real, seeing just how far they have come.

  4. Anything with green chilis makes me happy!!! mmmmmmmm.

  5. Cheryl, I had the last piece of the pie last night, warm, with a slice of sharp cheddar on top, and it was amazing!!


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