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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm becoming a wuss!

I used to have about the strongest stomach imaginable. It didn't bother me to watch surgery. I couldn't watch the incision part of the surgery, but the rest of it was no problem. I worked for a doctor, often helping with icky procedures such as cleaning infected wounds. I saw blood and pus oozing out of people's body parts for years, and it just didn't bother me. Even if it was close to home, if one of my kids got hurt, I held it together .... at least till after the crisis. Blood and gore just didn't bother me.

Recently, I've found that something has changed. If I watch something on TV that is graphic, I begin feeling a little revolted. I've watched shows like "Trauma in the ER," with great interest in the past. But now, in the last couple weeks, I'm having trouble with anything that is like that. I have to look away if there is a lot of blood or exposed traumatized flesh. In fact, if it is on a regular TV show, one that you know all blood and injuries are contrived, even then I am repulsed. What is with that? Why am I having this rather sudden reversal of blood-and-guts stamina?

I don't remember reading anything like this in the rule book, "What to Expect While You're Growing Old."

I'm becoming a wuss!!!


  1. lol. i hear you. i used to seek out those shows and now i have to me more cautious. i find vomit also is really bad . .one of the peanuts barfed today at work and he had happened to have just eaten what i was gonna have for lunch . . .suffice it to say i found something else to eat today!

  2. I can imagine getting used to something and learning to live with it, but for the life of me,I don't understand this sudden aversion. I haven't noticed a problem with vomit, but thanks for mentioning it, now I probably will!! LOL!

  3. I have nothing to say because I've never been able to handle blood, guts, poop and vomit. Brandy has really been going down hill lately and has had numerous accidents. I clean it up gagging all the way.

  4. What a great idea for a book. would be a best seller.

    I have never been able to handle blood or throw up. If someone even looks like they might throw up I panic. On Friday I was sitting at the nurses station and there was this huge crash and everyone turned, but I was too afraid to see what it was (thinking someone fell and there would be blood), so I just waited until I saw the expressions on the other peoples faces. Turns out the person moving the big metal cart from the cafeteria had hit the wall. Yea, I am not too sure why I decided to work in a hospital. :)

  5. Blood and guts I can take if its real life but not in horror movies. I cant do vomit either ewww. I love facebook but I didnt mean to miss the end of the world thank you for the funnies

  6. Daisy, How in the world did you get through raising your kids?? I'm so sorry to hear about Brandy. It's hard to say what is worse, the messes you're dealing with now or what is to come. :'(

    Caroline, a whole book? I can't imagine making that stretch into a whole book! And as I began reading that second paragraph, I was thinking, "What is she doing working in a hospital?" Too funny!

    Bobbie, I use to be able to take it, but something has changed in me, I guess. You're welcome for the funnies, and, yeah, I'd miss the end, too!

  7. Isn't it amazing what starts to happen to you as the body ages. No one ever told me all that changes that would happen. Not sure that I like them.

  8. Well, not all are bad, but it will be many years before you will appreciate which is good and which isn't!

  9. Hmmmm that is sort of funny. I've always been a wuss so does this mean i'll suddenly develop a strong stomach in MY old age?!


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