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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It really is fall. Really!

I'm accepting that fall is really here. I brought my storage tubs of winter clothes up, and I'm running them all through the washer. It's not really cold yet, but several times recently, I've been just a tad cool at times, and I've wished for something a bit warmer, at least for part of the day. It was sprinkling when I decided to start this task, but I didn't want to put it off so I toted them up and into the laundry room.

My days are still pretty warm. Today is the coolest yet, with a high of about 50°. Most days are in the 60s and nights in the 40s, but even when it is 63°-64°, I can feel the slight chill. I love the cooler weather, but I'm not going to push it. The next few nights are going to be around freezing; time to have some layers available for my comfort.

I went to the thrift store the other day to take some things to them, and I brought something home. Well, of course, I did!!! They had a full length or ankle length, denim Jeanology jacket, brand new! I have always wanted a long denim jacket or what some call a trail duster, and I totally could not believe my luck! It still had the tags on it, the plastic pouch with replacement buttons still attached. And it fits me! Are you ready? .... $6.00!! I'm not kidding.

I got started on the next table to be painted, decorated. It will be completely different from the last one. I hope to have some pictures in a couple weeks. The process is slow because I paint a layer or a section, then I have to let it dry before the next step. Otherwise I have smears or blurred colors. I'm excited about this one. It will be more challenging than the last, but fun, too, I think. I commented on FB earlier that I think I'd call my style Southwestern Primitif. It has a flavor of the petroglyph paintings of the ancient natives of this area, primitive, but free and loose. We'll see if that description holds after this next table!

Whatever it is, it is certainly fun, and frequently a surprise to me, as I start with a general design in mind, but often it takes a different direction as I lower the paint brush or sponge or whatever tool. It's been a long time since I've allowed the creative juices to flow like this, and it feels so good!!

I've decided this is a very good project for me, because with the designs on the tables, I don't want to cover them up. I'll be better about not allowing miscellaneous clutter to accumulate on them! Or at least I hope that is the case. Hey, I just had a thought .... what am I going to do when I run out of furniture to paint???? OH, NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

As I was finishing up today, I was using the dregs of orange paint to cover a door on a small storage cabinet on the deck, and I dripped a bit of it on the deck. Next thing I knew, Jazi had an orange mouth and was spitting and spewing!! By the time I could get to her, it was all gone, and she was glaring at me! Glaring at me!! Like it was my fault she was a doofus!

OK, I need to think about dinner. See ya later!


  1. Maybe her middle name should be doofus my sister in laws neighbor named their yorky dumass cause he is always in trouble or escaping I cant wait to see the table.

  2. Bobbie, I can't wait to see the table, either!

  3. I've been thinking about getting back to doing artsy things. Good for you for taking on those fun task.

  4. There is something so rewarding about doing that kind of thing, isn't there? Get busy!!

  5. Heavier clothes are gradually coming out here too .. 37 right now (3 celcius). Off to New Hampshire tomorrow for a week> Outlet shopping and no tax. Good deal on your Jean coat.

  6. Ruth, oooouuuuu, mega shopping trip! YAY!! Have fun!!

  7. I can't wait to see pictures of your new project. Last weekend was a real eye opener for us. It struggled to get into the 40s here. We broke down and turned the heater on.

  8. You know I'll post pictures!

    I've had my heat on for a while, because nights are pretty cool. I have to keep the house 55° or above for the birds. But of course, during the days, I've had windows open because the daytime temps have been in the 70s. This morning, I'm freezing! I think it's just me.

  9. I will bet this project of yours is wonderful! I look forward to seeing it!
    Oh what a silly doggie...: )

  10. Sue, I enjoy it, both during the process and as a finished project. Yep, pictures will follow! Jazi has SUCH an attitude at times! He is a total crack-up at times, for sure!

  11. I'd love to see a photo of that long denim jacket- I can't envision what it might look like. If you get around to it, that would be great....


  12. Betty, I will try to do that.


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