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Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Monday.

Gah. Allergies, AGAIN!!! What is in the air lately? It was early last week when it struck me before.

I was a little congested last night when I went to bed, so I took allergy medication so I could sleep. I woke feeling fine this morning. About an hour after waking, I began snottin' an sneezin'. I'll bet I've sneezed at least 50 times, in series of 8-10 at a time. I've used a half box of tissues. Good grief. I can't imagine what is bothering me so much this year.

I have a bunch on my agenda today, but I took a hard look at my plans, muttered, "goofy girl" at myself an divided it into segments. Today I'll clean house and get the laundry out of the way, tomorrow I'll run errands. I think it is time to clean the carpet again, so that will be be tomorrow evening and Wednesday. That means by Thursday, I should be able to get into some fun things. I'm going to finish up the table I painted and get it back in the house, so I can start on another one. I also want to get my focus back on scanning family photos. I'd love to get the boxes they are stored in out of my office so I can have room to work on photography and art projects in there this winter. You know, if I would control myself better, and not begin a project before I completed another, it would be nice. Ain't gonna happen. I is who I is!

Anyway, I need to get busy. I've quit sneezing and blowing (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!), and I should take advantage of it. Have a great Monday, everyone!!


  1. Allergies stink. We have started cleaning good bye spider webs that have made themselves nice and comfy. I am the same way with projects. Have a great Monday.

  2. I used to gripe because my late hub did that a lot, so I guess this is my payback!

  3. allergies...i still have them from summer...i think it is getting cold enuf at night that the allergens should start to freeze soon!!

  4. Mary, you're right. My worst times are spring and fall. Trees. So when the sap is rising or falling or when the leaves fall, I'm at my worst. Compared to many people I know, however, my plight is minor. I can stand it.


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