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Thursday, October 01, 2009


First, here is a photo of the finished door ......

I like it more with every look. Yeah, I dun gud when I picked that color.

About three weeks ago I started another project, one I knew would take a while to complete, although I have to admit I expected about ten days. I'm almost finished. I still have a couple things to do, but it is near enough done that I'm going to show you what has been occupying my days.

I have a coffee table I've had a few years. I bought it from Caroline at a garage sale. It didn't look this bad, but I forgot to take a picture before I started sanding. You'll get an idea of what it looked like.

These are the colors I planned to use in the refinishing. Paprika and Buttercream. Any ideas what my plan was?

Part of the way through the painting ....

It's taken a long time because I do a coat of paint, then have to wait for it to dry before another coat or the next step, so it's a coat of red, wait a day, a coat of yellow, wait a day, etc.

I had trouble with the paint covering well. After three coats, some of the color of the wood was showing through. I knew I needed to prime it, but I forgot and started without it, and I thought it wasn't a big deal as most of the color was sanded off. Boy, was I wrong! I gave up and primed over the several coats, and then it took only one coat to get the right effect.

And finally, it's time to reassemble the table. Attaching the hinges ....

.... then attaching the "wings."

Underside red, top yellow. Figured it out yet?

Originally, my plan was to paint a zia, the sun symbol you see on the New Mexico flag, on top of the table. But I didn't want it to be as exact, perfectly symmetrical as this one. I planned it to be more or less free in form. And I wanted the colors to be different, not as brilliant or primary as these. My colors were good, the basics of the table were done, and just the design remained.

Just as I was ready to begin to paint the zia, I balked. I wasn't sure how I wanted to do it, what brushes to use, how to approach the design. So I gathered a handful of brushes of different sizes, shapes, textures, flexibility, and I began to play on a piece of cardboard to see the effect of the brushes, pressure in my strokes, etc. Then it struck me exactly what I wanted .... a very primitive zia.

I used a huge brush with very stiff bristles (I think it is actually meant to apply paste to the wall for wallpaper) and a few dry sponges with different textures and here is what emerged ....

I've learned to take pictures (thank goodness for digital cameras) because I get a different perspective than I do with my own eye. It helps me to see things that I miss when I look directly at the object, the work. In doing so I have seen some things to change or adjust, but this is basically what will be the finished product. Sorry the colors look faded here. I took the pictures as light was fading this evening, and I forgot to allow for the lighting.
I'm again happy with my choices of color, and with my decision to go with the primitif design as opposed to the more traditional one. I realize this is not something that is going to appeal to everyone, but in my home, with my eclectic taste and mixture with emphasis on the Southwestern flair, it is going to be perfect. After adjusting the little things I want to, I will lacquer it, and bring it back into the house. Then I can start on the next table to be decorated. It's going to be very different, but details are undecided as yet. BTW, when I say "eclectic," I'm not kidding. I have traditional Southwestern, African, South American, southern Mexican, Caribbean, some traditional American and antiques. If I like it, it comes home with me.

As I've been doing the painting, I'm using the small amounts of paint left at the end of each session, too. It is possible to pour only so much back into the container, and there is always a tad left in the pan, in the brush and roller. So I'm running those out to the last drop and painting other pieces that I've planned to paint soon, anyway. Here is a cabinet that holds my gardening tools an supplies on the deck ....

I have two porch swings. They are blah. They won't be for long, 'cause they will be getting the leftover paint, also.

My home is distinctive, if nothing else. And what fun I'm having!


  1. I LOVE what you've done with the table!!!

  2. Thank you! I wanted different, different it is!!

  3. Distinctive is GOOD! Leave your mark on everything woman! You rock!

  4. LOL!! Oh, Queenie!! Have you any idea how many marks I've left in this world??? An' I ain't through yet!!! Thanks!!

  5. I love the table such bright and vivid colors.Its great to leave your mark on the world if its positive I say embrace your flair. My mil enjoyed bright colors too she painted walls sunshine yellow and a bright green.

  6. I know, people are afraid to use bright colors on walls. A friend was distressed because I painted my walls a warm off white, didn't use colors, but she didn't realize the awful colors I had to cover up! I'm adding colors to the walls as I go, and have lots of bright colors around. Thanks!

  7. Beautiful table! You are so creative :)

  8. Thanks, YG. It's fun to do things like that. The funny part is that I almost never wind up with what I *thought* I was going to o in the beginning! It just happens as I go.


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