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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Squeaky Wheel

Last night I was watching a movie. It was too late to be up, but I'd started watching it, and I usually finish what I start. Funny thing is, I don't remember what the move was now. Anyway .... suddenly the screen went to an error message. It basically said to check another channel or wait.

I did.


After some checking, the only channels I found on were the Hawaiian music channel and the one telling me all the features of dish service. Well, OK, I didn't check them all, but enough to feel pretty sure that I wasn't going to be watching anything, unless I was interested in learning about my service. I tried calling the network , but I was cut off several times before reaching a human being, then when I called again, I got a message that said the call could not go through. I figured they were inundated with calls, so probably a system outage. I gave up and went to sleep.

When I woke this morning, there was still no reception, so I called. I was on hold for a long time, something upward of 20 minutes. Then a very nice young woman explained that it was, indeed, a problem on their end. It was being worked on, and while they had no estimated time for it to be repaired, they wanted me to know they are aware, and for my inconvenience, they added Showtime at no charge for three months. OK, I'm not crazy about Showtime, but free is free.

I guess it is good that I called. The squeaky wheel does get the oil sometimes.

Now all I have to do is remember to call and cancel it before 1/8/10. It's on my calendar, but I'm retired! How often to I look at a calendar?? Please put it on yours and call me to remind me on 1/7/08, OK?

I'm gonna go now. squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak..........


  1. Uh i'm behind calling to cancel something myself so I am a BAD one to ask! LOL

  2. Was this a good reminder for you, then?? :)

  3. I am bad also. I love our dish service its awesome I like Dexter on showtime but your right its not the best out there.

  4. it going to be 2010 in 3 months???? where did the year go?

  5. Bobbie, it's for sure not worth the extra money. But that's OK, I'll watch a few things in the meantime an then bid it farewell without regret!

    Mary, LOL!! Yeah, but honestly, where did my last 50 years go??? Tooooo fast!

  6. Go out and rent the first few seasons of Dexter so you can watch this season, it's a great show. Sadly, I do not have Showtime (and feel as if my cable still is a gazillion dollars) but rent the DVDs when they come out. Let me know what else is worth renting while you have it-:)

  7. The squeaky wheel often does get the oil! I learned this a few years back and ALWAYS let business etc know when I have been unhappy. Last year I got 5 free tickets to Disneyland (worth about $500) because Momo's purse was stolen on a ride and I complained to the Guest Services people that their security people took too long to respond!

    Keep on squeakin' my bloggy friend!

  8. Julie, I'm just on day 2 of Showtime, but so far, I've watched nothing. I must admit I don't watch HBO often, either, but at least enough times a months to (sorta) feel justified in having it. I'll try renting it and see what I think.

    MM, WOW!! That was worth it, for sure! I don't usually have a lot of benefit from squeaking, but I'll take what I get!


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