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Friday, October 23, 2009

Yesterday morning I had a chill that I couldn't shake. After a while, I turned up the heat, wrapped myself up in sweats and a throw, packed warm doggies around me, and I was eventually OK. I wondered for a while that it was an indicator that I was getting sick. The rest of the day was fine.

I woke this morning, got up, and as I sat with a cuppa, reading email, I noticed that I was chilled again. I turned up the heat immediately this time, and I'm comfortable. But I'm wondering what the heck is going on with my body.

Since I don't tolerate being too warm, I keep my thermostat on the cool side in the winter. Night time, my thermostat is at 64°, the window is cracked at least a couple inches, and I sleep well, with as many blankets and comforters as it takes to feel snuggly. The thermostat kicks up to 68° about 6:00 AM so the house is warm when I get up. I know for some, that isn't warm enough, but for years, that has been my personal comfort zone. If I'm doing hard work during the day, I move it down to 66° or even 65°, but I'm comfortable at 68° during the day for most of my activities. Well, usually.

I'm wondering if my internal thermostat is changing for some reason. It has been only two days, and I won't reinvent the comfort chart until I see if this is going to last. But for goodness sake, I hope I find what is my "new" temperature soon! I hate feeling like this.

I wanted to paint on my table today, but the high is going to be just 59-60°. Maybe I can. I'll give it another hour or so and see how it feels out there. I'm almost done with the underside and legs. I want to get them finished so I can stand it up and begin the all important top, the design. If I'm able to work today, it will be ready for that tomorrow. I'm just so eager to get it done!

I'm going to finish up today on getting the winter clothes all washed and in the closet. Much of the summer wardrobe is already packed. Obviously, as you read above, my summer is over! I've kept out a key few items for the trip to Tucson, since it will still feel like summer to me when I get there. I actually keep out a few lighter-weight items through the winter, anyway, since our winters are mild enough that a few times in the season I need some short sleeves for comfort.

And on that note, I'm going to go and do exactly that!


  1. uh oh. swine flu!

    ....maybe your radiator needs to be flushed out....that's what i say when i am feeling too cold or too hot..."need to flush out the radiator"

  2. Nah, I don't think it's flu. No symptoms except the chill and even that lasts only a moment in time.

    LOL! I like the radiator analogy!

  3. I imagine it's just your body making some adjustments. I am just like you and love it cool, but I am finding lately that I guess I don't like it as cool as I used to. I remember a few years back when I was still sleeping with my window open in December, but now when the temps are in the 40s I find myself getting cold.

  4. Well, that helps me to feel less crazy,for sure! I was even thinking about it being just plain age-related. Maybe it has to do with moving out of the pollution-filled city?

  5. This happens to me too, and I've got no idea why. Last week, I pulled out the electric blanket and watched TV under it, just trying to get warm.

  6. So it is widespread. Well at least among my friends! Good idea, Julie. I have one of those throw-size electric blankets. I'll get it plugged in and use it. Sighhh. It takes a village to make me comfortable.

  7. I have been feeling really cold lately too, wearing sweaters at work, wrapping up in blankets at home and that is so different for me. I am the one who usually loves to be cool, hates covers and hates being hot. I keep thinking I'm coming down with something but I feel fine. Weird.
    The weather has been weird too, so up and down, maybe that has something to do with it. I don't know, I just know I keep my cardigan close by.


  8. I've been keeping my house at 60 degrees, just because I'm too cheap to turn on the furnace. A few days ago I had a chill like what you described. It was scary- I thought I was having a stroke or something and I started to freak out. But it passed. I don't know if chills like that mean anything or not. I sure hope not, for both of our sakes!


  9. Cheryl, you described it exactly! I haven't felt ill during the episodes, just cold. It is sounding like an epidemic of .... uh, nothing!!

    Betty, I don't know what it all means, either. Since there are no other symptoms, I'm guessing it is nothing serious, just something like our bodies adjusting to the seasonal changes. But why don't I remember this from previous years?


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