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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

F*cebook ... do ya or don't ya?

Are you on F*cebook? If so, how do you use it? What has it done for you?

I was a little reluctant to sign up, feeling that the blogs were plenty for me. From what I was told about FB, it wasn't "up my alley," mostly, I think, because it was short blurbs. I'm too "wordy" for short blurbs!! After some thought, I decided to give it a try.

At first, I was mostly unimpressed. It was OK, and I liked quick communications with people, but .... meh. Still preferred my blogs. And don't worry, I'm not building up to an "I'm quitting blogging" statement. No, the blogs still provide a venue that FB doesn't. But with time, I found a use for FB that I totally love. When I began finding more ways to utilize the features, I began to really fall in love with it. I think my favorite use with it is finding old friends. OLD friends! I have found a ton of people I've lost touch with over the years, people for whom I never thought I had a chance of reuniting with. I'd say there are about 50 or so on my list of friends that fit in that category. I've enjoyed bumping into these people, more than I can say. (Most notable, that's where Jim and I linked! ;D A definite "aye" vote!)

One of those is a former high school classmate with whom I've been corresponding for a just two or three weeks. We didn't know each other well, although we were in band and orchestra together all four years. He was in Math Club, I was in French Club. He was in the Chess Club, I was in drama. He was on the tennis team, I liked football and the boys who played. We all knew he was smart, I didn't think I was. Yeah, there was a great difference. But a thing that connected me to him was that his father was a heart surgeon who took care of my sweet Gramma. Anyone related to that man had to be special.

Actually, I did think he was a special young man. He was very sweet in nature, shy. Not the kind I would have chased, but one I admired as being a good person. When I saw his name come up on FB, I sent him an invitation, and we've had the most delightful "conversation." We've updated each other on our families, our careers, etc., but we've also talked about our high school experiences and how we saw each other and ourselves back then. It has been so interesting, to say the least.

Not only have I heard his views of me, but I've considered again what I thought of myself back then. I've already encountered some of this in conversations with other friends and in the writing of my mémoires, but with each new person, some new insight comes up. It has produced some thought again about who I am as a result of some of those experiences. It's funny how I can see the teenage me better now. I had no confidence despite all the many really nice things about me that now seem obvious! At any rate, it is good to talk to old friends and to hear about them and their views of me.

Anyway, that is just one example of my favorite part of FB. So tell us about why you like .... or don't .... FB.


  1. I love FB! I fought it for the longest time, but now I'm in touch with cousins on the other side of the country and friends I grew up with. And it's just a lot of fun!

  2. FB has taken away my emails but that is ok. I enjoy the instant gratification that FB provides.

  3. Jen, I agree. It sound as if your reasons and outcomes are about like mine. Lots of fun, indeed!

    Moni, I've noticed a decrease in emails also, but interestingly, the people who used to send me emails by the gazillions and no longer do, are either not on FB or they are extremely inactive! I don't get it.

  4. F@cebook does NOT replace a blog for sure but it helps me keep in touch with family members and old friends, some of whom live far away and i've actually become "closer" with some of my cousins because of it!

  5. I agree that FB does not replace blogs, but it is fun to see the quick updates that people do. I have several friends that have small children and sometimes the only free time they get is to do a quick FB update. I also have many of my blogs friends on FB and it's fun to see what they are up to in between blog updates. One of my blog friends just welcomed her second baby with her partner today. The announcement, plus pictures was on FB first.

    I have also reconnected with a lot of friends from my teenage years and high school. Many of them were people I thought were way more cool than me in high school and it's been fun to reconnect on FB. Oh, and a lot of my friends from camp are on FB and I have loved catching up with them via FB.

  6. I LOVE blogging more than anything and will always continue with it! But...FB has been so great by helping me reconnect with friends from my past. It's also a wonderful way to get immediate feedback on things. I really love it!

  7. Patti, I agree, but just about the time I started FB, so did many of my blogger buds, including you, and many quit or almost quit blogging. I was really worried about losing a bunch of my neighbors! Many have returned, but there are some who haven't, sadly. It is good to keep in touch with distant or rarely seen family, for sure.

    Caroline, I like the quick convenience, too, except for those times when someone posts a short blurb with no explanation. That drives me crazy with curiosity!

    And as for reconnecting with people from way back, I'm obviously with you on that! :D

    Cheryl, I think we all agree on those reconnecting capabilities. It is so much fun to be able to "talk" with someone from childhood, someone who left your life, but not your heart. Good stuff.

  8. I love facebook, although I'm taking a self-imposed "break" until finals are over. I love that I have been able to catch up with old friends, most notably my army "buddy" from basic training! I never thought I would find her again, but there she was! We have really enjoyed catching up.
    Sounds like you had a great thanksgiving! Enjoy- and stay warm :)

  9. YG, it is SO much fun to find those friends that you thought you'd never see again! I'm glad you found your friends. Any plans to get together?


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