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Friday, November 20, 2009

OK, I have permission for this

I received a call this morning. I can't recount this conversation exactly, because I was caught off guard, totally surprised, and well, it was just strange. The voice said something like "Do I need to sign a form for you?" I replied with something intelligent like, "Huh?" The crux of the remainder of the banter is that Jim read my post about hesitance to put up some of the pictures of him because I didn't have his permission, and he was poking fun at me for my caution. Finally I agreed that I don't need his written permission in order to assuage my caution and respect for his privacy. He gave a verbal. I'm off the hook.


As I said before .... men.

So, OK, here it is. This is what Jim looked like in high school. A yearbook picture from a very, very long time ago!

And just for fun, I decided to toss one of me in here, too. Lawdy, weren't we the innocents?

This is the photo he gave me when I was there. Now, this just proves that any man in uniform is delicious! Look at this cutie!

Almost 20 years later, I was taking snapshots at our class reunion. When I saw Jim I said to my husband that he reminded me of a young Frank Sinatra, and Glenn agreed.

Here I am at that reunion with my friend, Gail. We were all pretty good-looking back then, I think.

In 2002 we had our 40th reunion. Jim got this power water gun as some sort of joke, but I don't remember what it was all about. Wanna bet he will fill me in? LOL! Yeah, I think so, too. The reason I actually posted this is to show what a fan of U of A he really is. Look at that tie!
OK, I'm making fun of the tie, but he'd better be glad I didn't post the photo of him lined up with the rest of the reprobates while they were looking at classic cars. He had a dandy sock-tan showing in those sandals and shorts! LOL!

And this is the expression he wore a lot of the time I was in Tucson .... sorta like "I freakin' don't believe what she's saying." He probably had good reason for it. I talked a lot, and I didn't always listen to myself.

I don't have to post my picture here. You know what I look like now.

Finally, here is a photo I swiped from his F*cebook page. It's probably one of his favorites, 'cause .... well, you'll know. It's pretty easy to figure out! Take a gander....

His gift to himself! Pretty good gift!

That's about the fastest progression of (nearly) 50 years you've ever done, isn't it? Whew, me, too!


  1. Liked the 50 year progression! ;-)

  2. I love that you guys have so much history. And I loved seeing all the pictures. My favorite pic of Jim is the one where he has a cigarette hanging out his mouth. It's like he's saying, "Yea...I'm cool."

  3. Heh heh! I don't know if he knew how cool he looked or not. I told him recently that he had that Sinatra look (and a Sinatra look is always cool), and I don't think he commented. It's curious how our paths ran parallel for all those years without intersecting except briefly at reunions. But this is the first time we've lived so close since HS. And the first time we've both been single. Yeah, that could have a lot to do with it.

  4. What a hunk he is and nice wheels too LOL Very handsome in his uniform. He seems like such a nice person and I laughed when he "gave permission" for the pics to be shown across the world. Arent you glad you got re-aquainted?

    I am.

  5. Ahhh, Ruth, I can't tell you how glad I am!

    Isn't it funny how the most unexpected things happen, and turn into the best of the best? :)

  6. Obviously you had a great time at Jim's house. Age certainly gives one a different perspective. I have never really lived alone. I was either married or had family with me. I am pretty sure I couldn't be alone for very long, maybe just a little while. Even with my doggies, I hear things that go bump in the night, lol. Also, I kind of like being waited on when I don't feel up to doing something. :)

  7. Moni, I did. And it does!

    I didn't live alone, either, till my hub died 4 years ago. My parents home => my first marriage => lived "alone" with my two kids after divorce => second marriage. I've actually enjoyed this time alone, learning about me as an individual not part of a set, and I needed a lot of "me time" to heal from many difficult years. But there are times that I really long for company, someone to share with. I also love to cook, but it just sucks trying to cook for one.

    There are advantages to both. I don't worry about it either way, 'cause I just figure what is supposed to be will be. Life is good!!

  8. Thanks for the update- I'm so glad you had a good time on your trip :)

  9. TL looks so much like you. Too cute. -S

  10. YG, I am glad, too. It is nice that life has taken this unexpected turn.

    S, is this my LONG ABSENT NIECE???? Oh, goody! Yeah, there is certainly a strong family resemblance, isn't there? You're part of that, as well! Damn, we are all just fine lookin' women! ;D

  11. What a great photo history. I can tell there's a little pep in your "voice".

  12. Thanks, MJ, and, yeah, I think you're right!


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