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Monday, November 09, 2009

The raccoons that came to dinner

Oh, shoot. I'm so disappointed. I can not feed the feral kitties any more. I just found two humongous raccoons eating the food I put out for the kitties. I've been a little suspicious, but today confirmed it all.

First of all I bought a new bag of cat food today at the store. At home, I opened the bag and got ready to pour it into the big Tupperware container I keep it in. Buuuuut .... I couldn't find the container. I looked all over the deck for it, supposing the dogs had tried again to get into it. I finally found it. No way did the dogs do this!

I keep a large plastic trash can on the deck for wild bird seed. I found it with the top off. The bag of sunflower seeds inside was torn open, but strangest of all, the Tupperware was in the trash can! Obviously the dogs didn't carry it 40 feet, put it inside a trash can that is waist high, and remove the top from the Tupperware, as well as the trashcan!! I figured it was a raccoon, especially when I found little teeth marks in the Tupperware where it was pried open.

Shoot. I hope the feral cats find a way to survive, 'cause I just can't have the food out there that will attract the raccoons to the house. Shoot.

Tonight was a potluck, and as usual, the food was fabulous. Allan made a delicious meatloaf, Ricky made a green chili-chicken enchilada casserole that was outstanding. We had fresh broccoli steamed to a perfect al dente, a cabbage-sour cream dish that was excellent, I took Greek potatoes that were yum, and we ended with better-than-everything chocolate cake and a lemon-lime meringue pie, both soooo good! What an incredible dinner! But I don't know why I even say that, because they always are!

Now I have to get back to the task(s) at hand .... getting ready for my trip to Tucson! Woo hooo!!


  1. Oh man 'coons are a pest aren't they! So sorry you can't feed the feral kitties but completely understandable.

    That food sounds delicious. I am starving and our cafe doesn't open for another 20 minutes. I have been here since 5 a.m. Zzzzzzz....

  2. Racoons are so annoying! And brazen! Mine climb up on the side of the house, sitting on the window box to get at a hanging bird feeder. I have to take it in at night or they will empty it by morning. Nothing deters them! Dinner sounded delish. I love enchiladas! Have fun in Tucson.

  3. Damn coons. Have you thought of just having food out during the day and then putting it away at night. That might help and the cats will still be able to eat.

    Have fun on your trip. How are you feeling today???

  4. MMMM, the dinner sounds wonderful.

    I hope youhave a wonderful trip!

    (We have a raccoon family in our back yard. I found Mama R in our trash can the other night.)

  5. Patti, the food was excellent, for sure! What the heck are you doing at work at that hour????

    Deb, I think I've had them in my bird feeders, too, even though they hang where it seems impossible for them to reach. Amazing little critters! Thanks, I am sure I'll have fun!

    Caroline, the cats don't come around during the day because of the dogs. I'd probably forget to bring the food in at night, anyway. I'm OK. Staying on schedule pretty well. I'm a little nervous. SOOOO glad when tomorrow comes!!

    Cheryl, the dinner was great. I'm hoping for a very good trip. It will be good to get there and let the fun start!

  6. Raccoons are so cute. From a distance. I knew a guy with a boat docked in LA's SouthBay and he had a pet raccoon. He used him as a watch dog because they can be so very viscious.

    Sorry little kitties.

    Have a safe and great trip to Arizona!!

  7. I know! It is disappointing. I was putting out food for the birds and the rabbits and had a racoon eating as well...I used up one big bag then stopped feeding them. Feel bad but those rascals are bold and come up really close to the house. Don't want me or the dog to bump into one on the dark winter morning or evening walks around the yard.

  8. Could be worse. My old college roomie found out that his cat's outdoor food was being eaten by a SKUNK. And he had pictures to prove it too--the cat nonchalantly watching as the little striped fellow ate his fill.

  9. We've only seen a racoon around here once but I know they have been in the neighbors bird feed. How annoying.

    Have fun on your trip,

  10. Raccoons are so pesky. I don't blame you for not having food on your deck to attract them.


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