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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A bit of an update. I've made another trip to Albuquerque for medical tests, on Christmas Eve, of all times. Because this is of a personal nature, I'm choosing to remain a little abstract about it. However, I got good news on Thursday. That news is that I am cancer-free, something that was concerning everyone involved. I'm enormously glad about that, of course, but I'm not home free yet. I'm referred to yet another level of medical inquisition about which I will be making more calls and appointments on Monday. I expect to be having surgery sometime in January, but the exact procedure is still not determined, and I'm becoming perplexed about the whole process. I guess I'm falling into one of those areas more or less in between specialities, so who's doing what isn't clear, at least to me.

It isn't a terribly serious thing, yet any surgery is not to be sneezed at. I'm not looking forward to the next few weeks, not at all. I'm distracted, my head is all over the place, and I have trouble concentrating, so writing my usual blog material is next to impossible. It comes to me in bursts occasionally, so I'll write when I feel inspired. I can't promise more than that right now.

Bear with me, please, and I will try to get back to being gabby soon, OK? Thanks!


  1. I understand your desire to keep the personal personal. I am glad, however, that it's not cancer that seemed to be a concern. I'll keep thinking good thoughts, crossing fingers and sending out prayers that you will be on the other side of all this soon, feeling like your former self. And you're right, no surgery is a simple thing. I'll pray you get the answers you are looking for soon and that the Dr. is skilled and has a nice bedside manner!! Sometimes manners can mean so much when you are worried! Take care!

  2. Thank goodness u r cancer free! Hi

  3. Darn it most of my comment didn't post...anywhoo...I am sending you good thoughts!! Mary (ox)

  4. I am so glad your cancer free!!! You still have my prayers and good thoughts. Bobbie

  5. Deb, thank you for understanding. Sometimes, it just needs to be that way. I've been very pleased with all the medical personnel I've encountered thus far, although the last doc I saw, on Thurs, was a bit ditsy, so I'm glad there is no cancer, as she was the cancer surgeon! She was nice, but just didn't seem "together." And thank you, I will take your wish for care with me. :)

    Mary, thank you for the good thoughts. I appreciate every one!

    Bobbie,I'm glad you're continuing to keep me in your prayers. Things are going well, but there are never too many protective prayers.

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