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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I can turn any day into an event!

When I went to Albuquerque a couple days ago, it was for medical appointments. My friend Linda went along, bless her heart. Not to be dulled by the serious nature of the medical stuff, we found pleasure (are you really surprised???) by making stops at .... say it with me, you all know the routine .... Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and we tossed in Borders for this trip. We also had a fabulous lunch at Pei Wei (say "pay way," not the pronunciation that makes you giggle like a 12 year old!), an Asian food restaurant. OMG, was that good! I had Lemon Pepper Chicken with brown rice, and Linda had a spicy sumptin with shrimp. We shared, of course. SO much better than our local Chinese restaurant. I loved that they have dishes from all over Asia, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc. As I said, it was good; it was yummo!!!

If, like me, you don't live really near a TJ's or WF, I'll tease you with this list of goodies I brought home. This isn't everything, but all I can think of at the moment. Be prepared to be hungry when you finish. Oh, and those of you who have those stores less than two hours away, just be quiet! You won't get how important this is!
6-8 cheeses
a special brie to make a baked brie
a jar of raspberry jam for the baked brie
phyllo dough for the baked brie
bowls of garlic/rice noodle soup
frozen étouffee dinner
wonderful tortilla chips (Whole Foods, have you tried them? YUM!)
6 kinds of olives
almond-chocolate biscotti
blueberry cream scones ( wanted cherry-almond, but they were out)
garlic-cheeses bread sticks
a mini loaf of kalamata olive bread
some baklava
several sauces and marinades
several snack kind of things
fresh guacamole
fresh salsa
several tubs of hummus
several tubs of dip/spreads
a couple big bags of piñons (pine nuts, to you gringos!)
2 pots of herbs, oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage.
a jar of almond butter

We were there later than we usually are on our fun excursions, leaving after dark and beginning to be hungry. At Whole Foods, our last stop, we got some food to eat on the way home:
slice of pizza (drop dead good!)
cannoli (without a doubt, the best cannoli I have had in a long, long time or maybe EVER!)

At Border's, earlier in the day, I looked for a book I wanted for Jim. They didn't have it in stock, unfortunately. But they had some things I wanted (go figure). I managed to leave without spending a fortune. I got:
Norah Jones' new album, "The Fall" (YAY!!)
Mitch Albom's newest book, Have A Little Faith

Listen, if nothing else in the world, Linda and I know how to make the best of ANY excursion!

Point of interest - the spell checker here doesn't recognize these words: phyllo, étouffee, biscotti, kalamata, or cannoli. Obviously no culinary freaks, dining divas or gourmet goons were present when that was set up!


  1. OMG what a fine selection of goodies you came home with....might as well have a little fun while you're there...right? Glad you had company on your excursion!!

  2. Oh dear, I'm in trouble. I have both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods within walking distance and never go in either store. That must mean I eat a very boring diet. I confess.

  3. Ruth, it's all in the planning! We do well when we do one of these trips! No time to waste, for sure, but lots of fun in t he process.

    Linda!! NOOOOOOO!! That's like .... like .... a sacrilege!! That is one of the few "lacks" I feel in my little rural community. And yes, IMO, you must have a boring diet! ;D

  4. Hey...I hope the medical issues turn into nothing more than some 'better safe than sorry testing'...on another note I love WF but never been to TJ...they should give u a discount for the good word u have thrown them on your blog. Let's all meet at Lynilu's place for some good food!
    Mary (Ox)

  5. Mary, I like WF more, but there are a few precious things that are only at TJ, and I haven't found anything I dislike wither place. I'll talk to them about my advertising and see if it goes anywhere! Great idea! And sure, c'mon down! I've got plenty of food for all of us!

  6. Hi Lynilu,

    We don't have either of those stores in the Rochester area, but my daughter works for TJ in the Chicago area. I go nuts when I go out there. There is a Whole Foods not far from us in Henderson, NV in the winter. Love that store too. It's a little expensive though.

    I hope your health problems are going to be resolved. I will be praying.

    Have a happy weekend.

    ~hippo hugs~

    P.S. I love Nora Jones too.

  7. HippoChick, I'd probably be in trouble if I lived close to either store. I'd never stay away!

    Thanks, it will all work out, I'm sure.

    I like Norah's new album. It's pop, and I prefer the bluesy-jazzy style, but it has some good sounds.

  8. Oh it sounds like a great adventure, and I hope your health problems are something which can be cured or controlled as I am a two time cancer survivor (breast 05 and ovarian 08) and remember at 63 over two years January 18th and a hard 8 months of treatment I'm here and smiling. Thus I'll be praying for you I love your blog...

    Dorothy from grammology

  9. Hi, Dorothy! I appreciate the encouragement and the prayers. I'll know more in a few days, and take it from there. And yes, it was a great adventure, as it usually is when we take a trip!

  10. Wow i'm jealous of that list! I doubt if we'll ever get TJ or WF in Florence but you never know!
    Here's to making everything an 'event'!

  11. Patti, There will never be one any close than 3 hours from me, either. Part of that is the joy that makes it such a treat, though!

  12. Well, I think I can use some or all of that stuff Lyn. No hurry, just send it overnight express!!!


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