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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have icicles.

Look at this one.

That one is just under four feet long! Do I have icicles or what??????


  1. Ice sickles are so beautiful. I remember flying home from Washington, D.C., in February, 1970, and finding Louisville encased in ice. I will always remember the beauty of that ice.

  2. That is one serious ice sickle.

  3. Nick, have you ever watched the sunrise through an icicle? Breathtaking!! I posted a few pictures one time. Perhaps I should do some more.

    Daisy, the top of it is as big as my forearm! Yeah, it's serious!

  4. So beautiful. I think one of my favorite things about winter and all the snow we have gotten is what mother nature does with the snow and cold weather we get. Winter really has some of the most beautiful effects.

  5. I love icicles. That's definitely a long one you have there! We had to recently knock some down over our back door and upstair windows. Didn't want our dog in danger of them when exiting his doggy door! --Cheryl

  6. Cheryl, I love them, too. I do the same thing, knocking down any that might hurt us. This one, fortunately, was hanging over the edge of the driveway where no one walks.


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