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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Look who dropped by to visit!

The dogs announced him, as they do everyone who comes to visit, on foot or on wheels.

I think it is one of "the boys" that has grown up here. I haven't seen them for several months, and they were still hanging out together then. However, that was before mating season. I'm guessing they are mature enough to go alone now. Sad to think of that.

Isn't he gorgeous??

After a few minutes of watching The Human and The Noisy Furries, he turned to go.

My, it was nice to see him! I miss him and his twin brother. Just like kids, they grow up way too fast and go away.

I was dusting today, and I picked up this little vase to dust it. I love this little vase. Nothing special, but it is just appealing to me.

Anyway, I was dusting it, and I heard something rattle inside. I wondered what I had put in it, so I tipped it over and dumped the contents into my hand.

Next time I'll dump onto a paper towel or something.

Lawdy, I'm glad it was dead!


  1. beautiful buck. the are amazing creatures, aren't they.

  2. What a gorgeous creature!!!

    I love the vase, but the dead critter was creepy. ICK!!!


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