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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Optimism is my middle name

After I took those two shots of the snow last night, I didn't look out again. I knew there would be an inch or so of snow, and another 2 or so through today.

As I was getting up I went about my usual routine. Bathroom, brush teeth, brush hair, grab a robe, get coffee. While I was doing this, Sam went around the corner toward the doggy door. He came back quickly and just stared at me. Then a few seconds later, he repeated that. And again a third time. Then he just sat and stared at me. When I finished my routine in the bedroom, I headed for the kitchen for coffee. Next to the living room to raise the blinds.

When I raised the blinds .......

..... I realized that I already have the snow accumulation for the remainder of the season! HA!!! The weather forecast now says we are under a winter weather advisory with 1-4 inches below 7500 feet and 4-8 over 7500 between now and tomorrow night. Uh-huh, that's what it says. I'm at 7000 or 7200. Think it'll snow?

Then I discovered why Sam was doing his silly routine. The dog door was snowed shut. I measured over eight inches on the level and over a foot against the dog door! I went out to clear the dog door, and Jaz followed me on the steps, but the snow covered the two bottom steps, and she just plunged into the snow, and she went tumbling into snow over her head! She jumped up and charged immediately back in! Later, when they got their bearings, and with the steps cleared, Jaz and Sam, my two snow babies, were out romping in the snow and having a ball!

Good grief, Charlie Brown!!

Well! I'm having a white Christmas! I coulda done without it this year with a trip to Albuquerque on Christmas Eve, and a dinner at a restaurant in the mountains with friends on Christmas Day. But it is very unlikely to change any plans. The roads will be cleared by then. I have nothing is not a spirit of optimism!!


  1. We woke up to snow falling and the ground white. It is slacking off now and I hope we get some much needed rain. Can't see the mountains for the clouds. Lots of people going to have a white Christmas in New Mexico. :)

  2. I love snow! My neighbor just measured again and said she has 11". I know you don't get the amounts I do, but isn't it fun to see the white stuff once in a while? The timing of this one is not the best, but I still like seeing it so white and pretty.

  3. I would LOVE to take some off your hands, I see in our extended forecast that we "might" have snow showers on New Years Eve but i'm not holding my breath. We're supposed to be snowtubing in NC then anyway IF we go.

    I love how your doggies react to the snow. So cute!

  4. If I could sent it I would! It is still coming down! It's beautiful out there! Jaz came in a few minutes ago, and she had stayed out so long she was frozen! She was shivering, almost knocking herself off her feet!

    Well, in lieu of sending it to you, I'll keep my fingers crossed for NC snowfall, OK?

  5. I think Mother Nautre is making sure that the everyone has a white xmas!! For some reason this post reminded me of when you guys were stuck in in ABQ at Christmas time.

    Be careful tomorrow and please keep us updated.

  6. Caroline, that is interesting that you remember the Albuquerque debacle! I have about that much snow here now. A major difference is the vehicle I'm driving. Thank goodness I have it!
    And unlike two years ago, the highways have all remained open, I believe.

  7. snow is evil but I am glad you have it and not me!!


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