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Monday, December 21, 2009


OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

My darling daughter and her hub bought me a KINDLE!!!! It just arrived!

I was saying that I was thinking of getting one to carry with me during my upcoming medical trek, as it would be lighter and easier for me to carry than books. It, my iPod, and a book of puzzles will weight barely over a pound, an important factor in the next few weeks. I was waiting to see how long my course of treatment would be before ordering it, and they leaped ahead of me!! Oh, WOW!!! It is charging, and I can hardly wait to begin playing!! Also, they put it on their account so we can share books. That way, when either of us buys a book, everyone on the account can read it! Cool, huh?

OMG, do I have an awesome kid, or .... never mind, she IS awesome!!!

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  1. Did you know she was sending it or did you get a major surprise when the package came?

    When I got my iPod it was a total surprise and I remember sitting and staring at the box for like 10 minutes before it hit me that I had a real iPod.

    Have fun with it...I know you are really going to enjoy it. And yes, you do have a great daughter.

  2. It was a complete surprise! I squealed like a teenager when I saw what it was! Then I called her and squealed again!

    I'm really going to enjoy it, I know. She's a great kid, er, lady!

  3. Enjoy Lyn, a kindle sounds great!

  4. My Kindle was a gift from my daughter a couple of years ago. I do love it. I read a review this morning on the reader Barnes and Noble has out but it seems Amazon's Kindle is still the best.

    If you put the Kindle application on your iPhone you can also download books to your phone. I keep a book going on both the Kindle and my iPhone. I also work crossword puzzles on my iPhone.

    Isn't it nice to have such wonderful daughters.

  5. Linda, I also considered the SonyReader that Border's has, but decided to go with the Kindle. Then I talked to my daughter to find out about her experience with hers, and she said my SIL had researched it, and felt the K is best. He is a computer/electronics magician, so we tend to listen to him. Well, except that I use a Macintosh (since long before he was a guru), and he's a PC kinda guy!

    I don't have an iPhone. :( I'd love to, but my experience with AT&T on other things has been iffy, and I'm not in an area that is good for their reception. I certainly hope Apple opens up the contract for multiple servers.

    Boy, yes, it is good to have such marvelous daughters in our lives!!

  6. oh dear. DP read your post and said, well, at least SOMEONE is getting a kindle this year. sigh.

    enjoy. looks like fun and a very timely gift indeed!

  7. Uh-oh, I'm starting problems, aren't I? Well, you know I'm a trouble maker, anyway, right?

    Oh, yes, this timing is perfect, for sure! I'm very excited!

  8. I too got a Kindle on Saturday and I'm already in love with it. There are lots of free books out there that you can download for it.

  9. Aren't our children wonderful! I really like the photo in your header!

  10. Yes she IS awesome - but look at her Mom :) Enjoy your kindle it sounds like the perfect gift at the perfect time!

  11. Heather, I already have a list of free books that look interesting to down load. I may not have to purchase one for a while. My daughter and I are sharing an account so we can share the books, and she already has 65 in there! I'll be busy for quite a while. I haven't even read one, well in fact, I haven't finished setting everything up, and I'm already in love with it! Enjoy!

    Nick, yes, indeed, they are! I know yours did a very nice thing for you recently, too. We are fortunate, for sure. And thanks about the header. That was last Christmas under my tree.

    Awww, thanks, Patti. My girl does a good job of taking care of me when I need it. I hope Maddie does as well by you. :)

  12. My curiousity is somewhat peaked. You'll have to keep us updated on how you like it.


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