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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bedtime at my house

I get tickled at my dogs. Bet you didn't know that, right? Yeah, yeah.

Anyway, when we go to bed they get a treat. These treats are dispensed in the same order every night. Over time, they have learned to line up in that order from my right to my left and wait with eager eyes and quivering tails. Jazi, Joey, Sammy, Lola on the edge of the bed, and Max is beside my feet on the floor. It works very well. Occasionally Joey or Sammy will get in the line out of order. When that happens, I just look at them, treats in my hand, and say, "Something's not right. Is everyone where they are supposed to be?" Once is a while I say it twice, but most times, they change places very quickly! They don't want to waste time getting the treat! It is so funny to watch them.

This first shot is bad, as I grabbed the camera without paying attention to the settings. Can you believe the setting for "snow" doesn't work well inside the house?? However, this is how they usually line up on the bed.

Look at Jazi licking her lips in anticipation. I changed the setting, and I couldn't get the line up like that again. As you see in the next pic, they were getting antsy waiting for their treat. Lola looks like she has given up!

Lolita, Sammy, Joey, Jazmyn

Meanwhile, Max in on the floor, waiting very patiently. The reason his tail is a blur? It is wiggling like crazy as he waits for the treat.

And once they get the treat .... "OK, we're done, now let me find the best space on the bed!"

I love these little guys. Betcha didn't know that, either. :)


  1. You have a little doggie blanket. They are adorable Lyn! Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a nap and my little dog Baby hopped in bed with me as she always does, then, my birddog Duke jumped up and put his head on the other pillow and my largest dog Casey came into the bedroom and put her head on my leg then laid down beside the bed. We were all there, having a nap. I know how much you love your little doggies, they are so lovable. ;)

  2. Moni, I get tickled at these kids. The 3 boys follow me e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!! The girls are a little more independent, but if I'm on the couch, so are most of them. If I go to the bed, they are ALL there! And I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Yes, they make a doggie blanket, sometimes too much!!! I occasionally wake at night, completely pinned down with them lined up both sides of me, holding the blankets down!

  3. I just love it! How smart are they?

    No, No I didn't know you love those little guys - much like my child is not spoiled and got too much from Santa ;)

  4. Oops! Ya caught me on that one, Patti!! LOL! Yeah, we are both guilty of loving a lot, aren't we? And isn't it nice?

  5. How cute!! I love your bedtime routine and I know that routine has helped them adjust to their new life.

    I bet you don't have to worry about getting cold at night....all you need to do is bring the babies in closer to you.

  6. Yes, I think it does help them with adjusting. There are several things that show how they depend on the expected, and this is one of the cuter ones. As for getting cold at night, no, I usually don't, but .... you know how part of the warmth is the pocket of air warmed by your body under the covers? Well, when they pack me in like that, it actually takes away the pocket! I need to teach them to sleep under the covers, I guess!


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