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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm back and fiesty!

Thanks, everyone, for your notes, your thoughts, and your prayers. It worked!

I'm at home (YAY!), and I'm doing very well. I have less pain than I expected, and I'm able to do much more than I expected. My daughter, Terri, is as impressed with my condition as I am. Of course, I'm still on pretty heavy duty pain medication at this time, and I will continue for a couple more days, and then I will phase down and play it by ear.

I'm very thankful to have TL here with me. She is able to fill the gaps of what I can't do, and besides, why would I be anything but pleased to have my daughter all for myself for a week? Hellooooo???? ;D

I'll be back with more chatter later on, but I'm keeping it short for now. I'm still tired and not full of words as I usually am. Thanks, again, you guys! You are the best.

BTW, slip over and give Caroline a shout. She had surgery at the same time I did, and is having a little trouble getting back on her feet. a few cyber hugs or good wishes would be nice for her. Thanks.


  1. Wow, I never expected to hear from you so soon! I'm so happy for you that things went well and you're feeling so good. I'm with you, I am so enjoying this time with my daughter, even though our roles are reversed from yours.

    Keep up the good recovering!

  2. It is wonderful to hear from you girl. Take it easy now, rest as much as possible while you have a chance. Once you have your strength back, you can write, write, and write some more, lol

  3. I'm so glad you're back. Take it easy but get back to blogging as fast as you can.

  4. Glad you are doing so well. Hope your recovery continues to go well.

  5. Careful. You still have to heal. You'll probably feel that part of it more when the pain meds wear off.

  6. Hi Lyn,
    I just popped over to visit Caroline for a few words of encouragement. i am so happy that you are home AND that you have the added bonus of having your daughter with you! I only get to see my oldest daughter once a year, sometimes twice. She lives in N.C. and we live in Illinois...sigh...I miss her.
    Love Di

  7. Welcome back Lyn....have a speedy recovery and take it slow for a while. Enjoy your time alone with your daughter!!

  8. VERY glad to hear you are back and okay. Never doubted that you would but reassurance is a beautiful thing! Hugs my sweet friend and Happy convalescing!

  9. Good, good news. Take care of yourself. How nice to have some special time with your daughter.

    ~hippo hugs~

  10. Thank you, everyone. I am taking it very easy, and Terri reminds me often that she is here to do the most for me that she can. My conscience!

    Today is another good day so far. I rested well last night, and I'm still feeling very good, all things considered. I'll probably post later in the day.


  11. I'm thrilled that everything went well for you and you're home. Take good care of you. HUGS!!!!


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