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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow, snow, snow everywhere

I ventured outside today for a brief time. The temperature was nearly 40°, and I knew I needed to get a layer of snow off the truck so it could begin to melt away before Monday when I will have to get the truck out to the road for another trip to Albuquerque.

For starters, I had to shovel snow off the steps. Thank goodness Terri had cleared a little over half of each step while she was here, because the side that she didn't clear was over 18 inches deep! All I had to clear was about 10 inches. It just flew off, already partially melted and easy to move. And thank goodness for that, since I'm guessing shoveling snow isn't in the list of things I'm allowed to do. Just my guess.

When I got to the bottom of the steps, I traipsed to the truck. With the several snow falls that haven't melted, the huge amounts that have fallen off the trees, and what I shoveled off the steps, I found myself wading almost to my knees! Lawdy, I don't know how long it will be before this all melts!

Once I was at the truck I took the wide broom and pushed snow off the truck. It came off pretty easily, as it had already melted quite a bit underneath. At this point I was standing in snow over my knees! I couldn't believe it! Again, I can't imagine how long it will be before all this melts, even with the warmer weather that is coming now, I just can't imagine this amount of snow leaving in less than a couple weeks. And another storm is due on Wednesday and Thursday.

When we went to Albuquerque earlier this week, I found that there was about 2.5 inches of solid ice in the bed of my truck with another 3 inches of snow on top of that. Today, I found about the same amount of ice, but now there is over a foot of snow there, as well. I'm not about to try to get that out. I'll just leave it .... and maybe have a swimming pool when it melts! No, I'm joking. The bed has drains in it for the water to run off, of course.

I've not had a winter like this since moving here. It is amazing me! And I love it, too. I'm not gong to like the mud that follows all this, but that's part of the deal, isn't it? I love where I live, I really do.


  1. This reminds me of a scene from the Little House on the Prairie books where they are trying to get from the house to the barn in the snowstorm...we don't have snow here but it is bitterly cold. Gotta love winter...mary (ox)

  2. They say that all of that snow is good for the spring and summer plants. Glad you got it cleared but don't know if it was the best idea for you after surgery?!
    Love Di

  3. Mary, I'll take the snow over bitter cold on any day. I like cold much better than hot weather, but there is a limit!

    Di, I know. But it has to be cleared before leaving tomorrow morning, and I wanted to get it off while it wasn't frozen to the truck. It would be tons harder if I were ready to leave and found it still frozen. One of those time I just had to weigh the options, you know?

  4. Oh my gosh...that episode of Little House that Mary is talking about is one of my favorites!!!!!

    I am happy that you are getting so much snow, but you know it would be nice if you would share a little.

  5. I tried, I tried!!! It won't move East!!

  6. Holy Cow! Glad I'm back in sunny FL. Wish you didn't have to do that right now :(. I would rather be there and clearing that for you then knowing you are doing things you shouldn't :(! ILYWAMH! TL

  7. I know, baby girl, but we do what we must, you know! I'm OK. None of it was hard, and I'm all set to take off in the morning and get this DONE!! Thank you for caring. :) ILYWAMH2

  8. I would love the snow. Hope you didn't hurt yourself shoveling.

  9. No, I didn't, MJ. Thank goodness it was melting really well and just slid off.


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