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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The day I had planned

Boy, was I wrong!!!!!!

I thought my driveway was melted down to about six inches, and I planned to spread ice-melt to help it thaw. This is the North end of the driveway (2 pix to right), the one that has been frozen and icy since, well, forever!!! I'd really like to be able to use it again. Having a circle drive sucks when on end is dangerously frozen, making it necessary to back down the curved and steep other side. The "good" side is now almost completely free of snow, but having to back down it is not fun.

It's a long drive way. I've never measured, but probably 30 yards, at least.

So I took the snow shovel to see how deep and whether I needed to shovel off a little bit so that the ice-melt could go to work quicker and better.

I walked about 10 feet into the snow ...........

....and I was suddenly up to my mid calf!!

Later I measured it and it was between 12 and 15 inches over most of the drive, and that's just the snow! Ice, at least an inch thick, was under that.

So I ended up making "divots" in the snow every foot or so, in hopes that the sun will be able to reach far enough down to melt more. Each is about 8 inches wide and down to the ice. I don't know if it really will work, but hey! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I only did about 10-15 feet. That was about all I could do. I will wait and see if that helps, and if so, I'll do a few feet every day till it is all the way down the driveway.

Looks like steps, doesn't it?

I donno. We'll see.

The next chore in my plan today was to pick up puppy poop in the back yard. Now that the snow is mostly melted, I could actually get to it. I went out and picked up the puppy-pooper-scooper .... and broke it! It was frozen to the ground! Well, there was too much to even consider picking it up by hand (I heard that!! Don't be ridiculous! I would use rubber gloves!!), so I guess it is just going to stay till I can repair the scooper or buy a new one. Sigh.

And now .... NOW .... it is clouding up and I just took a look at the forecast and learned that IT IS GOING TO SNOW!!! Just flurries, so it says, but at this elevation, who knows? We weren't supposed to have more snow for at least ten days!!! GIMME A BREAK!!!!! I hope those divots done get covered up.


I'm done!!

I'm on the couch, watching the very silly "Death Becomes Her," and having a cup of Irish coffee.

PS - BTW, in an hour, the temp dropped 16 degrees, 43° to 28°!! Jes' sayin'.


  1. Oh dear. Does Irish coffee involve whiskey? Because I think you deserve some after braving the snow and cold!

  2. Well, Mary, let's just say that Irish coffee involves alcohol of some sort! In my case, it was Bailey's Irish Cream. And it was damned good! It actually wasn't cold when I was out there, but it is certainly headed that way!!

    Never the less, I think I'm due for another cuppa!

  3. That is unbelievable. Drink whatever you can find around there girl, you deserve it. Incredible.

  4. Some days should just be left where they are in the morning, right? :D

  5. I feel you pain. Have one (an Irish coffee) for me!

  6. Wow- you have a lot of snow. We are supposed to get another 6 inches overnight. I have had way more snow that I want! We still have 6 or so inches on the ground from last week!!

  7. Daisy, shhhhh, I had two!

    YG, oh, yeah! Yesterday I drove through one of the canyons where it is still pretty protected from the sun, and some of the cars still have 3 ft. or so of snow on top! Mine has melted quite a bit in comparison.

    Tonight's forecast says "flurries." OK, but sometimes that means 5-6 inches!! I'll just wait ans see what tomorrow actually brings when it gets here!!

  8. I don't know Lynilu, It almost sounds to me as if someone wanted to play in the snow today! LOL! I may be playing in it tomorrow myself. It's been snowing here for hours! Yup I'm ready for spring! Love Di

  9. Well, I'm hoping for no more snow for now, Di. Give me a couple weeks, and then it will be OK. But now .... we need a thaw, big time!!

  10. I know exactly what you mean about the side of the driveway that becomes slick. As I recall it is on an incline so I can see how it could become slick really fast. I hope you get some sun in the next couple of days so that you can use that side of the driveway again.

    This morning I woke up to great snow, but it quickly left and we just got a dusting of snow...if that. Could you please send some of that snow my way?? :) I just want a couple more snow storms before spring is here for good.

  11. HA, I love that movie, lol. You no doubt are getting cabin fever. Oh well, a forced recoup! We are chilly today, but the balance of the week will be in the 60s. That is way too much snow for me Lyn and that's the truth.

  12. Caroline, the driveway is very steep. That north side slopes away from the sun, so it doesn't get nearly enough to melt as the rest does.

    My snow yesterday and last night didn't even show at all on the ground. I hope to get sun later today and after that for several days. Hope, hope, hope!

    Moni, our weather is headed to better temps, too, thank goodness! As I've said before, I like the snow, but the driveway situation HAS TO CHANGE!!! Next time, I'm going to start removal early!! it's never been a problem before! Crazy weather this year, for sure!

  13. On Thursday last week we got around 15 inches (heaviest snow fall on record for us). You know that shut everything down most of the schools closed early on Thursday and were closed on Friday as well. Nine of us during our lunch on Thursday went out and built a snow-woman it was fun but I think it will be another 35 years before I attempt that again.
    Here's wishin ya a warming trend and mega thaw.

  14. DJ, I'm thinking I was a bit younger than you the last time I helped the kids make a snowman. I understand your statement quite well! Do you happen to remember the snow-dinosaur we had in the front yard that our kids and the G kids built in front of our house? It stayed for the longest time! It was right after we got 16" inches on New Years Eve, probably 1977 or '78. That sucker was 18 or 20 feet long!

    Yep, at this point I could stand a little thawing! Thanks!

  15. I do not recall seeing it but do remember hearing about it. I don't think it was 78 cuz we were moving in the week school started in 77. Even if it were before "A" & I became good friends I would have certainly seen it from the school bus on the morning route. I amazes me how many wonderful memories I have with you guys considering "A" moved to Calif the next year. I must have been a good kid for you to "adopt" me so quickly. It was nice to have a home away from home that was just a nurturing as my own. I do not know if I have ever thanked you for that .... and I am thankful and blessed that I have and have had all of you in my life creating the fabric that is me.

  16. DJ, I think you're right. Allan graduated in '77, and I think he helped build it. Not sure. I'll locate the pix of it one day. It was a magnificent work of art!!

    Yes, you were a good kid! You were very easy to like and to have around. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed your company. You and Scott D. were our two most enduring young friends, and the two that are still in touch. :)

    DJ, think "Facebook"!!! You'd be surprised about all the people who are there!


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