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Friday, February 12, 2010

Famous movie star at my house!!!

Remember "The Little Rascals"? Alfalfa lives at my house. Skinny, lanky kid with hair that always stuck up on the top of his head.

I don't remember Alfalfa having that Fu Manchu beard, however.

Time for haircuts at my house!


  1. Excuse me, aren't you living with 5 little rascals? Doesn't it throw your bank account into convulsions when they go to the groomer?

  2. LOL! I guess I do, Linda!! Great observation!

    And yes, grooming is something I have done only after I've had an EKG! I groom them at home most of the time. A couple times a year I have them professionally groomed to get the shape corrected. I used to groom my old dogs all the time, but I had just 3, and it was manageable. I can't keep up with all five of these guys with the daily brushing, so it is hard to let them grow out. As soon as the weather warms up, I can groom them outside, and I will. Can't do it inside! I'll probably give everyone a light trim this weekend.

  3. We arrived in Holbrook, AZ early today so I'm catching up. I thought a lot about you today as we drove through New Mexico. It is beautiful. After Texas and AZ, it was refreshing to see some beautiful scenery.

    I LOVED Alfalfa on the Little Rascals. Such memories.

    Don't you hate it when you are tired and can't sleep. I was that way the night before we left. I sometimes take Advil PM (1/2 a tablet) but then I'm groggy in the morning.

    I'm excited to arrive in Henderson tomorrow and see my daughter.

    ~hippo hugs~

  4. I loved the Little Rascals/Our Gang...the original ...the Alfalfa look is apparently hot right now. I saw Ellen sporting the look on her show....Mary (OX)

  5. Oh I just want to smooch them!!!
    Love Di

  6. Pam, I'm glad you enjoyed NM, but I have to say that traveling I-40 doesn't allow you to see the really amazing sights. Some day come back, and we'll get off the highway and go see some beauty that you'll never forget!

    I do take Tylenol PM occasionally, but as you say, it leaves me a little groggy the following day. I have a prescription that doesn't do it as much, so I usually go with it. At any rate, it stinks to miss sleep!

    Enjoy your visit with your daughter!

    Mary, I've seen Ellen with several casual, funky hairdos, and I love them! I would love to do that, but my hair isn't conducive to spiking. :(

    Di, they are pretty good kids! I told my daughter this evening that I haven't taken the sheets off her bed to wash them, because the pups go in there every day and sniff! I really do need to do that!

  7. Looks to me like it is begging for a bow or barrette. Is he trying to go with the metro-sexual doggy look, or in his case would it be the rural-sexual doggy look?

  8. DJ, wouldn't that be "ru-roo"? (Think Scooby-do!)

    I don't do the bows and barrettes anymore. Too freakin' much trouble!!

    I would consider doing it on the two girls, and Jaz would be fine, but Lola runs and hides when I get the brush out!

  9. Besides being so adorable, he is truly styling. This is the new look these days with all the kids. They love to fix their hair, just like that. Bet you didn't know you had such a cool dog. I love that you have 5 dogs. I wish I could have more, but so far, I've gotten a firm "NO!" from my husband. He has a good point, since no one is home all day, but the two dogs and the cat. I just love dogs so much and all the love we give them after school/work and on the weekends would seem to make up for up. Especially, since this one Shelter puts them down after 2 weeks. that is where we got Sadie, my gentle, sweet giant. I have to force myself not to go in there and look. If I look, I know I'll end up coming home with a dog or two. I just know me.
    Anyway, I love your little guy, too cute and the last photo he looks like he is posing. That is unconditional love, right there, staring you in the face.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Cheryl, I know exactly what you mean about not looking at shelters. I want to rescue every dog that is in one. If I go in one, I will have another dog .... or a dozen. I absolutely hate that so many shelters are fast to put down, that there are people cold enough to run puppy mills, and that people in general don't take responsibility to care for their own pets. :'(

    As for that last picture, and actually all of them, he was posing so sweetly and patiently. He didn't know what he was doing right, but he was eating up the good boys that I was lavishing on him!! If you notice in that picture, his tail is a blur as he wagged with happiness!!


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