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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feelin' good and makin' plans

I have noticed how well I am feeling the last few days. I'm not 100%, but close. I'm trying to still not overdo the physical stuff, but I'm doing a pretty much normal schedule now, and feeling very good. That's very good news.

Of course, it is good news, but I mean it is especially good news! I will go back for my final checkup on 3/1, and six days later, Linda and I are setting out on another road trip. This is not our usual day-trip, however. Nope. This is a biggie!

We are heading to Florida! When I make the trip by myself, I usually take four days to drive it. I just don't do well past about seven hours at a spell. But with Linda to help drive, we can go farther each day. We'll take two days to get to Pensacola. Linda's parents live in there, so I'll drop her off there. Well, actually, I will spend the night there, then the next day I will continue across to the East Coast and be at my daughter's house.

I will be able to spend about five days with my sweet family in Melbourne. I won't be there in time for Philip's birthday on the 8th, but in our family, we celebrate birthdays whenever we can all get together. I will be there for TL's birthday on the 11th, I will go to Grandparent's Day at Philip's school on the 12th, then have the weekend to spend with the whole family. I'm assuming we will celebrate both birthdays on the weekend. Then on Monday, the 15th, I will head back West across the state to pick Linda up and buzz home. Kind of a fast trip, but with Linda to help drive, I think it quite doable. I haven't been to Florida in a couple years, so I'm excited about it.

It feels great to be feeling well enough to seriously make plans again. Yay!!!


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling good! Thew road trip to Florida sounds wonderful! I wish I could join you. Maybe someday, when I healthier, ...

  2. Good for you Lyn - sounds like an awesome plan.

  3. Nick, you keep on those exercises, and we'll just do that!

    Ruth, I'm excited about it, for sure!


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