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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I thought I'd never say ....

NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I took this picture of the Capitan Mountains at sunset with some snow left in the ravines. It was very pretty, very peaceful.

But I thought .... "Honestly, I hope this is the last picture I post of snow for this winter!!"

Earlier yesterday, I drove to town to get a haircut. On the way home I took some pictures. As I said above, I hope this is the last picture of the season for Sierra Blanca ......

...... and Nogal Peak .....

..... and the mountain where I live. (I life on the small hill at the base of the two big ravines, nearly center of the photo. I'm approximately behind that one tree in the foreground.)

But I'll post lots more like this, regardless of the weather!

Lola and Sam are having a tug of war with a short piece of rope.

This battle went on for the longest time, and you would have thought it was something to eat with the ferocity involved and the growling from Lola! BTW, that girl's gotta have a diet. She is chunky!

OK, I'm done for today. Snow, snow go away, and don't come back for many a day!!!


  1. Have a good day. Perhaps Lola and Same are also bored with the snow and are finding other creative ways to use their energy.

  2. That might be, Linda, but they both love the snow! In fact, the last few days, Lola and Max have been finding fallen icicles and bring them in to crunch on!! Yes, they love ice cubes, too!

  3. My dogs have spring fever, it's in the forties and sunny today, finally! So when I walk them, they are taking their sweet time! Lovely pictures Lyn!
    Love Di

  4. Can you believe it snowed a little again today? It didn't stick, but the mere principle was aggravating! I'm still thinking .... spring, spring, spring!!!

    Thanks, Di. :)

  5. Beautiful pics, I never get tired of looking at your lovely landscape.
    She's a chunky monkey for sure but a darn cute one!

  6. say the snow snow go away for me to.

  7. Lovely pictures Lyn..your area is so pretty and scenic! You know my take on snow..I don't want any, lol.
    We have signs of Spring all over town, the trees and roses are all sprouting new growth so we are on our way.

  8. MQ, I plan to start walking her often when the weather is better. I can't limit her food because all five have different eating styles. Sammy nibbles a bit all day long; Jazi eats all her food in on sitting;Joey eats twice a day and pretty much all at once; Max eats three times a day; Lola eats if it's there! I either starve some to cut Lola down or just leave it out and hope!

    MJ, if I do that for you, Caroline will jump me, 'cause I'd be cutting her snow off! What to do, what to do!!!!

    Moni, thanks. I love it here .... in case you haven't heard that before!! I saw you note about the cottonwoods, and that sounds very good to me! Bring 'er on!

  9. You live in such a beautiful place.

  10. Mary Ann, thank you. I know, and I deeply appreciate it.


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