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Monday, February 22, 2010

Pogo stick weather

Pogo stick weather, not as in springtime getting outside and having fun weather, but as erratically up and down as a kid on a pogo stick.

I gotta tell you, it has been all over the place today. Temperatures have risen and fallen 10° in just more than an hour at times. It has been as high as 43°, then dropped to 30°, up to 38°, down to 29, up to 35°. We've had snow, the bright sunlight, back to very hard snow, sunny again, and then repeat the cycle. It is just crazy!

The first snow was around 9:00 this morning, and after a half hour it stopped and the sun came out. It remained sunny with just a couple slightly cloudy periods with snow flurries till after noon. You can see in these pix how hard it was snowing at about 2:30. Then about 3:00 we had brilliant sunshine for a half hour or 45 minutes. Then about 3:45, it began clouding over again and it has begun snowing once more. Oh, and 10 minutes ago (around 4:00) I could see the mountains, but not now! When I looked out a few minutes ago, I thought about taking a picture, because you could see the "waves" of the storm. There was a huge black cloud on the other side of the mountains which moved through here a while ago, then a good stretch of brilliant blue sky right over the mountain tops, and overhead me was another dark cloud. I decided to get these uploads going and then go out. HA! It's gone now! The wind is blowing very hard, and the snow is swirling everywhere. and the temp has dropped 4° in those 10 minutes. No, I'm NOT going out to get a picture for you!

I seriously think this could be a very bad storm.

These videos are very short, 15-30 seconds. They show the hard snow.

This last one was taken later when the wind was blowing a lot. Yes, I broke down and did it, just for YOU!! Brrrr. Wind and blowing snow is c.o.l.d!!!

Crawl in bed and pull the covers up to you nose!!!


  1. Hunker down Lynilu, hunker down! I know that we are tired of all of the snow and all but it really is beautiful. The video's really proved that! Love Di

  2. I know, Di. It is pretty, and I do like snow. I just had hoped for a couple sunny weeks, than another good snow would be awesome. I guess Mother Nature didn't hear the "couple weeks" part!

  3. Looks pretty! I hear you about the crazy weather though, and the temps being weird. Today we seemed to be all over the place and now we have rain and sleet at times. I could be ready for nicer weather!

  4. Could be, Beans??? Yeah, it is very pretty, but just getting old! I usually have breaks between snow storms, and this long term thing is getting to me. Thank goodness, we have eternal blue skies here.I wouldn't make it without the sunshine!

  5. Cowboy comments all the time about how long this winter has been. I say enough, I give, uncle--and everything else. Just make it stop!

  6. Batten down the hatches my friend! Yes weather has been c-r-a-z-y this winter. Who would have ever thought i'd see bona fide snow on palm trees for pete's sake?
    Thinking of you my sweet friend

  7. I have such a fondness for NM and I must say, your view and property is amazing!! Even in the snow! I love the videos, thanks for sharing!


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