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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lock down

Ya see, when mom is outta town and you go on an unauthorized adventure, trekking all over the neighborhood for days, there is a price to pay. Here is what you get for the galavanting. You are stuck with napping and musing near the open window.

 "Sighhh. I remember when ....."
Lock down sucks.

But it's certainly safer.


  1. There must be a face under there somewhere. I suspect he's more than happy to have his mom home and can relax and sleep knowing she's going to protect him.

  2. I am soo happy to see pictures and hear stories about Max because when he was gone after 5 days I was soo worried!!

    Glad you made it home and had a great reunion with the babies.

    Oh and tell Max that Ben is still on lock down after 4 years of his great escape.

  3. Max looks very relieved and contented!
    Love Di ♥

  4. Yeah, Linda, his face is tucked down in on pic and faced out the window in the other. He actually could go out, but was enjoying the window. I thought it was cute and looked like he was wistful!

    Caroline, toward the end, I was actually feeling better about it, because, although I was worried, Zoë was so certain that Max was OK and visiting home, eating, etc., and I began to relax. Nevertheless, I was thrilled when he was TRAPPED at home!!

    I gave Max the message from Ben, and he just flicked his eyes at me and said, "yeah, right." I don't think he bought it. ;D

  5. Diana, I think he really is!

  6. Wonder if there is a parallel between Max Max, the warrior of the wasteland, and Max, your dog. Both had adventures in the desert, slept outside, had issues with re-joining civilization . . .

  7. Dave, you could be right! He just has too much of the wild in his blood, I think, to be a real "inside dog."

  8. Whatever else he is, he sure is adorable! You know what I think, I think that he figures you will take him with on your next adventure. My youngest dog devises all manners of ways to be sure she gets to go with us, no matter what. They are clever:)

  9. Moni, they can be quite clever, can't they? Max would love to go adventuring, but he gets carsick!! We're working on that, so maybe he will be able to adventure in the future and let off steam that way.


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