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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I didn't know I lived in the Windy City, but ....

The weather forecast says we should expect wind. There are to be winds over 40 MPH with gusts expected to exceed 65 MPH. The worst is to be tomorrow. Yeah, well, the wind is already here. I hope tomorrow isn't worse than this!

Right now it sounds like the big bad wolf is outside, huffing and puffing to blow my house down. A really big and really bad wolf. I swear the house feels like it will blow away, but I've been looking outside often, and I haven't seen that old woman on a bicycle. Maybe it will stay in place as long as she doesn't show up. Does she work only in Kansas?

This same storm was in Nevada yesterday. They measured winds of 120-125 MPH. Please, NO!!!


  1. Hang on to your hat! You brought a memory back to me Lyn. I grew up in Chicago,just moving to S. Il. 20 years ago. When walking home from school (6th grade) I had to hold onto peoples fences so as not to blow away! I only weighed about 90lbs!
    Love Di ♥

  2. I weigh, uh, er, well, let's just say more than 90#, and this is blowing me away! I went to the deck to take down hanging things that might blow down, and the wind would curl around and almost knock me down!


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