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Monday, April 26, 2010

The cookin' spree

I shampooed the carpets yesterday and touched up this morning. I love nice clean carpets! But I have the fans on in every room to dry it out, and I'm tired of them! For one thing, it is cool. Actually the temperature in here is 72°, but the fan just makes it seem much cooler. I need to put on a long sleeved shirt, apparently.

And secondly, the fans seems to be making my allergies terrible! I'm guessing they are stirring up all the pollen from the windows being open. At any rate I can't breadhe!! I've taken an allergy pill, but it seems to be useless. I can take another soon. Let's hope it works.

I have some chicken breasts with garlic and rosemary in the oven. I'm having a couple friends here for lunch tomorrow, and I'm making a chicken salad with pecans, grapes, apples celery and green onion. I love chicken salad with lots of crunchy things in it. Texture, texture!!!

I'm also going to make one of those fabulous apple/chili/piñon pies. I haven't made one in months, and it sounds so good! Oops. I just remembered I have no sharp cheddar cheese to top it off. Dang. Oh well.

I also picked up some nice Italian tomatoes and cilantro at the store and made a salsa cruda. I'm not sure whether to use it as a dip or perhaps to create some sort of Mexican pork chops for dinner, using the salsa as a topper. Hmmmm. I'll figure that out soon.

Yeah, I'm on a cooking binge. I haven't done anything special in several days, and I'm having fun. When I get in the mood to be in the kitchen, I tend to go overboard. But I eat well for a few days!

OK, gotta go. Chicken is ready to come outta the oven! Later!!


  1. Enjoy your chicken.

  2. please come to my house and start cooking for us!

  3. I am so hungry right now and I hate eating so late! Send some of that food over would ya?!
    Lyn have you ever tried a Netti Pot for your nasal allergies? As soon as I get stopped up I use it, it's amazing! Love Di ♥

  4. Thanks, Andrea!

    MJ, are you paying the airfare?

    Di, I have a netti pot, and I know it helps. I forgot about it!! DUH.

  5. I am trying not to eat after 7 but now I am starved!!!!!

  6. chicken salad sounds sooo yummy :)

  7. Oh I love chicken salad with texture too! That is one of the things you can't really replicate on a vegetarian diet. (The other being bacon.) Over the years I have tried to stop eating meat but chicken salad keeps calling me back.

  8. Sorry, Pepper!! ;)

    YG, it was amazing, if I say do myself!!

    Mary, any food should have a texture to celebrate. Some are ultra-smooth like the crème brûlée, some are chunky like the salad, and others are crunchy like the raw shugar on top of the apple/chili/green chili pie. It's all good, regardless, and the textures are so essential.

  9. So your allergies can bother you in New Mexico too? So much for my retiring to a drier climate for the sake of my hay fever. I can sympthize with you.

    I'm a big fan of chicken salad too, but I'm a plain John kind of guy. Your's sounds interesting though. Your cooking skills really fit in there in the southwest, don't they?

  10. I vote for the porkchops. Sounds yummy.

    It's allergy season everywhere. Even in the "snowy" northeast.
    Actually, no snow today. Off to shop for a new car. UGH!

    ~hippo hugs~

  11. Dave, if you find a pollen-free area, please let us know!! My worst allergy is to trees, and recently, the pines are doin' their thing. gah. Actually the allergies in the Southwest are generally better, however, as my son whose allergies are horrible, has found out, no where is safe. He has lived in NM, MO, AZ, CA, and KS.

    Pam, yep, EVERYWHERE!! The pork chops were awesomely good! So was the chicken salad.

  12. just saying "hey..." it has been at least 3 years, but i am back in blogger land. looking forward to catching up on everyone's lives. especially yours :)

    - camille, aka "meelo"

  13. Hey, Camille! Welcome back! I'm chuckling because apparently your blogging is an absolute gauge of your life, isn't it? I'm very glad you're back.

  14. Hey, Dave, I had another thought.

    My cooking skills fit in in ANYWHERE!!! Jes' sayin'!

  15. hope it was yummy yummy in your tummy!


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