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Friday, April 30, 2010

Miscellaneous ramblings

Well, I feel so much better today that words just don't describe it! Just imagine the best "better" you can, and that's me! It is amazing how much a body can heal when it gets sufficient rest! But the trip I was planning has been postponed till next week. It's not that I'm not feeling like going, but simply that after reassessing the timing, my host and I agreed that next week might make more sense for both of us. He is having an estate sale, and next week I can help with that as well as getting in a visit, too.

It looks like our weather is taking a good turn. Well, after a couple colder-than-usual days. I think I will be able to get my plants in the ground on Monday, FINALLY!!! Carrying those suckers in and out every day stinks! I'll get the potted plants done over the weekend, and then I can get the garden flowers in the ground by Monday. Thank goodness! I was feeling bad about Linda having to carry them in and out while I was gone, so this saves that worry. She said she didn't mind, but I just hated to do that to her.

The wind is just about done. It is taking a cold front to do it, but I'll live with that. It should be only a couple days of the cooler stuff, and then .... perhaps, maybe, if we are lucky .... spring will actually arrive. But don't hold your breath! I don't know if we can trust dear, sweet Mother Nature this year! She seems to be PMSing quite a bit.

I forgot to tell you. Tuesday my friend who is an animal psychic (remember her helping us to communicate with Max while he took his walkabout?) came over to actually meet all The Kids, but especially Max. When they settled down a bit, she began communicating with Max. I wish you had seen it!! He is a "talker," anyway, but he became highly animated with her. He was doing "Raur, Raur, raur, woof! Raur, raur, woof! Raur, woof! Raur, woof, woof!" And she was talking to him and telling us what he was saying. It mostly had to do with him telling her she shouldn't have helped us trap him, because he was OK out there and told her he would come home when Mom did; and a lot about how he wishes the others would just be gone from here.! He said that the girls are OK, but the other two boys are a nuisance, and he would like them to leave! She explained that they belong here just as he does, and he began "arguing" with her!! I'm serious! He was barking at her, clearly agitated, and until she told him to calm down, followed with "You're not the boss. Your mom is the boss and she says you all belong here. You need to quit trying to be boss! That is Mom's job!" He was silent, looked at me and did a "raur, raur, raur, raur." She laughed and said "He's telling you he wants it to be just you and him." I said "Max, I love you, but I love the others, too, and all of you are staying." He looked back at her, and she backed me up on that. He snorted, walked away, looked over his shoulder at us, and she repeated it, as I did. He said "raur, raur, raur," and walked away. She interpreted, "He said he's not happy, but he will try for you."

Seriously, how funny is that?

My other "talker," Lola, came over to her at one time, and sat staring at my friend. She looked down at Lola and said, "What, baby?" Lola just stared a minute and them "mumbled" something. My friend laughed, and said,"You think I'm cute? [another chuckle] I think you're cute, too." Lola kept staring at her, and she said "Is there something else you want to say?" Lola muttered again and gave a tiny little throaty "raur," and my friend giggled again, and said, "Yes, Lola, thank you, I think you're cute, too!" And Lola got up and walked off, apparently satisfied! My friend said, "She didn't seem to have any problems! Well adjusted little girl, like Joey and Jazi." About Sam she said he is still adjusting, but is a very happy boy who just doesn't think much past right now, today, this minute. We agree this is probably a non-threatening position for him to have, given the abuse he probably endured before coming here.

Since then, Max has been on slightly better behavior. He and Sam still circle each other, throaty rumbles emitting from them, but that's the extent, and it seems he really is trying. My friend and I talked about how I could help him, and we agreed that some "special" time would be important, but to avoid singling him out for much "alone time." She feels his drive to have me to himself will only be deepened if he gets much of that. I'm going to work with him on learning some cute tricks that will give him the extra kudos that he seems to require to feed his ego. He will be able to show off to me, to other humans, and even to his siblings, in a more healthy way. It will give him his "moment in glory," without making him top dog.

It is interesting that Max said the girls are OK. Jazmyn is definitely the alpha dog, and she puts him in his place when he gets too rambunctious and bossy, yet he is OK with her. I guess it's a guy thing!

OK, I need to get in gear. I have nothing terribly pressing, but I want to get out and do something fun. That requires me to (1) get off the computer, although it is fun, (2) take a shower so I won't be "unfun" to other humans, and (3) get my tush outta the house!! So .... LATER!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better.

    Sounds like Lola has a little bit of a crush on your friend. :)

  2. Heh, heh! Ya think? I wish I could have videoed it, her little face was so cute!

    thanks, me too!!


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