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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The end is in sight, but the frivolity continues

When I drove to the Denver area a few days ago, I stopped for lunch, and as I mentioned, was thrilled to meet a blogging friend from way back, Cathy. Some of you know her, as I did, from the blogs. She has gone quiet in Blogville of necessity. Her schedule is full with her children, a full time job and writing. Her first book was published just over a year ago, and she is working now on the second one. I hope she will return one day to blogging, but I understand how life can absorb one's time. I understand, but I miss her, too.

Cathy is as cute, as smart as I thought she would be and even more of a sweetheart than one can imagine! How gracious was she to drive an hour and a half just to sit that long with my sister and me, then make the return trip home?? It was a brief meeting, but one that I enjoyed greatly and am so happy we were able to make the connection!

In Denver yesterday, I was delighted to have lunch with three great friends. Glenda, Chuck (next to me) and I went to school together 50 (yikes!!) years ago, and Rick (in the striped shirt) is another of my blogging friends for some time now. When I began thinking of being in the Denver area, I knew I had to try to see all three, and with limited time on my hands, the best solution was to try to incorporate all three into one lunch. I'm so glad they could all accommodate, because we had a lot of fun.

I was having a car problem .... no, a car hiccup .... because my gas cap wasn't fitting right and the "check engine" light came on as a result. I needed to drop my truck off to have that taken care of, so Chuck picked me up at the dealership. When we got to the restaurant, we found Glenda and Rick had introduced themselves and were chatting away like old buds! That's how it went for the next three hours. You would have thought Rick went to school with us. Some people fall into silence around a group with a history but not Rick! I'm glad, because I learned a lot bout him, and he became just another of "the gang."

I enjoyed catching up with Glenda and just seeing her face again. I hadn't seen her in about 46 years although we've stayed in loose contact. Chuck and I ran into each other some 20-25 years ago when my mother discovered he was at the bank in the tiny town where my folks lived. We also have remained in touch off and on since then. Rick and I "cyber met" via the blog of mutual friend, Julie, WHO KEEPS PROMISING TO COME MEET US BOTH!! [Jes' sayin', Julie! Take it for what it's worth. :D ]

What a fabulous afternoon we had! We ate and lingered on for over three hours, and if they didn't all have lives to go back to, I would have loved to keep them there longer. There were no silent gaps in the day as we all fell into a rhythm of talking, getting to know each other, laughing about past events and enjoying the excellent company. One of those days that makes you wonder who you don't do it more often. Oh, yeah .... there is that dratted distance thing for me. I hope that Glenda and Chuck with stay in touch and renew their friendship and that both of them and Rick will find a new one. What a day!

Earlier yesterday morning, my siblings and I, along with one nephew in town from Texas, gathered at our parents' grave site for a little remembrance. Bittersweet. It has been ten years, and I still miss them so. It's not a fresh wound any longer, of course, but how big a hole is left in my life without them. They were our foundation.

That's my sis on the left, one brother in the wheelchair and next to him is the other brother and wife. The half person is my nephew. No, he's a real, whole person in life, I just sliced him in the photo. ;D

Today the family is gathering here at the home of the brother where Sis and I are staying to have a little time together. Some other nieces and nephews are coming, too, and I'm glad I will get to see them. I'm looking forward to seeing a great-niece who has become a friend on Facebook. I haven't seen her since she was just a wee one about two years old. I have really enjoyed some of our "chats," and I know I will enjoy seeing her now as she is "grown up." Well, sorta, at 12!

Tomorrow we start home. I'll take Sis to Lubbock, spend the night and go home Monday. I'm getting tired. It has been a fabulous trip, absolutely one of magical proportions for me. But I haven't slowed down, taken a day to veg out, for over a month now. It will be good to go home, rest, and start doing some things around the house and yard .... for me.

Guess I should get crackin'. Talk with y'all later!

.... Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. Life is beautiful, and from the all the friendship and family love you have, you are very lucky and oh, so blessed. In the photos, you look so happy, relaxed and just taking in all the good stuff life is all about.

    I'm so glad you are getting to spend all this time with family and friends. Meeting bloggers, who really are friends, not "pretend people" like my husband likes to say. The bloggers I have been fortunate to meet in person, it is like sitting down with a dear, old friend.

    Enjoy the rest of your visit and safe travel back home. Take some time to rest before you start to take on your own house/yard projects. Just relax with the babies, reflect on your trip and let your body readjust.

    Thank you for sharing this and the photos.


  2. You are getting lots of visiting thats for sure! I wonder how long it will take for you to rest up when you get home LOL! Love Di ♥

  3. Giggling at the "half person"...

    Sounds like you had a great time visiting with your friends from school.

  4. You are so get to meet so many of your blogging buddies. Just think...if I hadn't nagged you for months how much you would be missing. :)

    Be safe driving home.

  5. Wow- you've done more visiting and traveling over the past few days than I've done in my life! It's so cool that you met up with your old school buddies after 50 years. That must be an incredible experience.

    I hope you don't experience a big let down when it's all over! That happens to me on those rare occasions when I do get together with old friends or family...


  6. What a wonderful opportunity to see your family and some old friends I hope I get to meet some blogging friends someday because I'll keep reading blogs.

    Dorothy from grammology

  7. I am anxious for you to get back home and paint those tables, lol. Also, I know your babies miss you and I imagine you miss your bed too. I am glad you are getting some good pics of you and your friends and family. Drive carefully Lyn.

  8. Cheryl, thank you. I do love meeting people. I just said to someone else that our hearts grow bigger to accommodate new friends, and I don't believe hearts can get too big in that way. I have enjoyed the trip and the companionship very much, and I'm glad it shows!

    Di, I'm thinking three weeks with the shades down, jammies on, and snuggly puppies will take care of me!

    Mary Ann, yes, it was a great time. And the half-person is probably chuckling about that, too!

    Caroline, I'm really glad you were a nag! Now, YOU have to get out of town and go meet a few yourself!!

    Betty, you need to get out and meet blog-buddies, too! It is a great deal of fun, and the old school friends are just cherries atop the sundae of friendship! I suspect I will have some let down, but the at-home friends are not likely to let it last long!

    Dorothy, I hope you do, too! It is so much fun! And yes, stick around!

    Moni, yes, painting tables is one of the things on my agenda! And as much as I love traveling, I also love, love, love going home! I will be careful in travel. :)

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed your family affairs. I had a guest earlier in the year. He was a 'boy' that lived in our village 70 years ago!!!!! It's great to meet up with old friends.

  10. RR, it is wonderful, isn't it?? There is such a nice sense of continuity about it, I think, to have "long ago" friends in our lives in some way.

  11. Sounds like you have had a great trip down memory lane with family and old friends - good for you Lyn.
    OK im off to Vegas next week, cant you swing by and meet me for a drink or something? Bring your friends too, I would love to meet them all. Is Cathy the author who was in touch with me about the subject of her book? I would love to read it, in fact I asked her to let me know when its was published. Maybe its still a future one. Safe trip, bet the kids are excited lol

  12. Lyn,
    It was definitely worth the trip to finally meet you. I'm just sorry I got the restaurant business so screwed up! Of course you were so pleasant about the whole thing, which was amazing, after all the traveling issues you'd already encountered. You are as fabulous in person as you are on your blog, Lyn. Here's hoping we can do this again in New Mexico!

  13. So glad you are having such a wonderful trip and seeing so many people. You are totally worth driving a total of 3 hours to meet!!!

  14. Ruth, I'd love to do that! But LV is a bit far, at least so soon on the heels of all my recent runs. How I would love to meet you!

    Thanks, Cathy! It was worth it to me to push hard to *try* to make it in time for lunch. I usually expect travel delays, while hoping for none! Loved meeting you! And absolutely let me know when you're somewhere near me!

    Patti, you and I know how great, how much fun it is to meet the people we've blogged with for months or years, don't we? I love it! And thank you. Same goes for you!


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