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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The explanation

So, here is the explanation about the flowers.....

This afternoon I replaced the broken, splitting hand railing that was on the stairs coming into my home. It was going bad when I bought the house, and had become a really hazardous eyesore. Of course, I didn't think to take a picture of it before I took it apart, but trust me, it was nasty.

Here is the finished new railing.....

There are a few other places to repair, boards to replace, etc., and then I will paint the deck. I'm very excited about that and I am looking forward to having a fresh, new-looking deck in a few weeks.

It was a hot, sweaty job, but I'm really proud of it and so glad to have it done.

Just shortly before I finished, a FedEx truck pulled up. I haven't ordered anything recently, so I thought Linda might have something being delivered. I stopped what I was doing and met the driver at the top of the stone steps that lead to the lower driveway. He handed me a box that read "ProFlower." All I thought was "Huh?" I looked at the tag and it was for me, but I could not imagine who would be sending me flowers. No clue on the external of the box, so I opened it.

Jim sent the beautiful ivory roses and a very sweet note thanking me for coming to help him with the sale and part of the move. I certainly didn't expect it. He had already thanked me very well before I was leaving, and I certainly didn't expect more. However, as a lover of flowers, I am thrilled with the gift and touched by the note.

I wasn't sure he actually heard some of the words I'd said to him about the process of downsizing. I was a little worried about him. But the note tells me that he did hear and greater than that, he appreciated that I understood what he was going through and gave him hope that he would get through it, too. Oh, my. I was very sincerely touched.

I'll be glad to get rid of this green paint soon. But till I do, The Kids and I will still enjoy the deck. See? Max is demonstrating that we like our deck!

Can you picture it in a rich adobe color? I can't wait!

I plan to rest tomorrow. We are going to have several days of thunderstorms, and I can relax now that the railing is finished. It has been worrying me for some time. I'm so glad it is done. And I think I will start relaxing right now. After all, why put off till tomorrow what you can start today, right? LOL!


  1. How nice of him to send you the flowers. That was very sweet and it was really sweet that you went out there to help him. You are such a good friend.

    Your deck looks amazing. I do remember what it looked like when you first moved in and you have done such a good job in fixing it up.

    Glad you are going to rest some. It seems like you have been on the go for months now.

  2. Yes, it was very nice. I spoke to him this afternoon, and thanked him again. And thanks for the compliment.

    The deck is getting there! I'll be so glad when it is "new."

    Ya know, I have been on the ego. I need some down time, but summer just lures me into work, work, work mode! sigh.

  3. You've been on the "ego"??? hahaha Yea, you need some rest.

  4. Wow, pretty flowers! What a sweet gesture!

  5. I knew that the flowers had to be from Jim, I just didn't want to spoil it for him! They were gorgeous Lyn.
    And girl you need to fly out here and teach me some home improvement maneuvers so I don't have to rely on others so much! Where did you learn those skills anyway?
    Love Di ♥

  6. LOL, I guess so, Caroline!

    YG, yes, isn't it? I've had flowers from my kids, but no one else in probably 10 years. I'm so enjoying them!

    Di, it's funny, but I didn't think of him and I couldn't think of anyone at all who might send them. My skills? Mostly from my dad, then later from my husband. My parents believed that we should have lots of skills, so I learned to change tires and change oil, to paint walls, basic home repairs, and my brothers learned to iron, sew on buttons, do laundry, etc. Very good training!

  7. Lovin that deck and I will enjoy watching you make it even better. You have such a great view from there, lucky Lyn!

  8. VERY nice to get an unexpected surprise and flowers at that!!!
    Can't wait to see the spanking new deck.
    I'm a little jealous of your thunderstorms. I DO love a good thunderstorm!

  9. Moni, trust me, I know my fortune!

    Patti, I like storms, too, but Jazi doesn't! I'm looking into those dog shirts that Sandra linked to her FB
    page this AM. That would be nice!

  10. I'm a big fan of long porches, and of thunderstorms too. Being able to sit there and watch the rain fall across the picturesque landscape would be too much.

    And flowers too! I can't even remember the last time I got flowers for the missus. Guess that's not such a good thing though.

  11. Dave, Dave, Dave! Buy that sweet lady some flowers already!! Oh, wait. She might think you have a guilty conscience if it has been that long. OK, you use your judgment!

    Yeah, I love my long, covered porch. It affords much pleasure .... protection from the rain; a cool respite in the summer; shelter from snow in the winter; a safe play area for The Kids to play. I would hate to lose it, so careful care is in order.

  12. Good job, Lynilu! That railing is most impressive. And I love your huge deck.



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