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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Garage sale tales

We have had some odd events over the last two days, like ....

  • the woman who asked about the price of a board with the strange design painted on it. I had noticed it, too, and wondered but hadn't asked. It was leaning against the wall in the garage and wasn't for sale. Jim said $3. She bought it. When she left, I asked about the board. He had used it as a backing when he spray painted a screen with floral cutouts, leaving a mottled design of teal and brilliant blue. He was joking when he told her $3, but hey, $3 is $3!!!
  • The visit from Pat Harrington. Do you remember? He played Schneider, the building superintendent in the old sitcom, "One Day at a Time"? Well, he showed up here yesterday and came back again today. OK, OK, it wasn't really Pat Harrington, but this guy looked just like him, acted like him (well, with a few more loose screws), and entertained us greatly! Actually a nice guy, but weird!
  • a 90 year old woman who was dressed, tastefully, to the nines, who informed us that she still climbs on the ladder to check her roof because she doesn't like to bother other people with her "little tasks." Her son was rolling his eye, and saying, "Mom, we've talked about this, and I don't mind and don't want you to fall!"
  • the friends of Jim who hadn't seen him in a while, and came in the door, looking at me (Jim was just out of their sight, and said "Did Jim die?" they were relieved that this estate sale had nothing to do with death, just the clearing of the estate! Yeah, the rumors of his death are as greatly exaggerated as the ones of our marriage!
  • the person who asked where my "son" was moving!! Helloooo? I absolutely do NOT look like Jim's mom!!
  • the dozens that just didn't get it that Jim and I aren't married, even after several clarifications. We both eventually gave up, and I began answering questions about "my house" but still giving Jim credit for the construction of this lovely, no, gorgeous house! Jim did likewise. We quit denying our "marriage"!!!

    And isn't it a beautiful house? Yeah, he did a fabulous job, and I can't imagine who hard it is to leave it.

  • the obvious lookie-lus. The ones that hardly look at the "merchandise" because they are looking at the house. I know, it is an easy way to tour an interesting house and get a look at the inside, but .... OK, OK, I've done it, too. I admit. Bad Lyn, bad, bad Lyn.
  • and, oh yeah, the people who say, when they learned the house has sold "I would have bought this." Oh yeah, and where were you the last 2.5 years??
  • The ones that open doors. We gave everyone directions to the sale areas, said that nothing behind closed doors was for sale, but they still open doors, walk through areas that are obviously not ready for sale! Jim's room was a mess, because we had moved everything not for sale in there. We had put our personal belongings, including my suitcase, purse and computer in Jim's bedroom and had a sign on the door "Nothing for sale in this room." The signs were bright orange and had blue tape around them. And still ....
  • the ones that can't resist going into taped off area, The stairs to the upper level were taped off, because everything had been brought down, and Jim was concerned about someone falling. They undid tape, moved signs saying "nothing for sale beyond this point," and tried to go up!! WTF???
  • the ones that just can't believe there nothing for sale behind the cabinet doors. We had moved most of it to his new place, but we needed things to drink and eat from for these few days. Jim's medications are there, so we taped them, and told people that everything for sale was out on the patio. but they untaped and tried to look! I stayed close to the kitchen for this reason.
  • the ones that steal things. I mean, c'mon! It's already dirt cheap. Or if it wasn't for sale and was in a drawer, well, WTF???? Someone actually managed to walk out with a pretty large power tool, a drill press. We have no idea how or when. Sheesh!
  • the one who tell you what is wrong with everything, even the ones they have no intention of buying. "This Indian totem was made in Malaysia with palm wood, and it is a dime a dozen." OK, we get that you don't want it, or you want it and hope that by insulting like that the price will come down. I don't freaking think so!! In fact, to you the price just went up by $10!!
  • those who help themselves to your food. We had some donuts on the counter this morning, box closed and "locked." You know, the tabs slipped into the slots. A guy said "Donuts for breakfast, huh?" I turned around and he had his mitt in the box and a donut already in the grubby mitt!! Well, I wasn't taking it back, but I was super irritated that he was one of the lookie-lus! Rude and presumptive! I wonder where he went for lunch?
  • how about the woman who took about a half hour to decide about whether to buy a pair of sheets. Why? Because her 18 year old daughter might not like them because they are "used." OK, so I'd spend my 30 minutes another way, personally!
OK, it goes on and on, but I won't. Perhaps tidbits over the next few days as I recall them, but needless to say, it has been interesting! I think I'm a generally polite garage-saler, but I'm going to be extra alert from now on. I learned some lessons, for sure. People can be so crass.

Much of the items were sold. There are still some to deal with, but I'm setting up a Craig's List account and a pay pal account for Jim. If necessary, I can handle the CL from home, as he isn't terribly computer literate. He has to do the pay pal himself. but it was good, and a tidy sum went into his account. It is good to know it is done and he can move ahead with his life. It's a different life, and will continue to change as time goes on, but I hope he will be less stressed now that the house is sold, he has bought a smaller one, and most of his belongings are taken care of in the various appropriate manners. Most of his most treasured belongings are at the new house, movers will be moving the large furniture in a few days. Life should become less complicated soon.

It has been an interesting experience! I'm heading home this morning, then off on another adventure tomorrow. I'll fill you in on that later! My next three weeks are just crazy!


  1. You are such a good friend to help him with all that! Wow!! :)

  2. People are crazy! Jim is lucky to have a friend like you to help him. Imagine how many more things might have disappeared (or been eaten) if you weren't there!! Can't wait to hear what you're up to next! Safe travels. And Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  3. People are strange, aren't they? I always tell Jim that I'm glad we're normal.

    What a beautiful house/home. I'm sure it is hard to walk away. Do you have pics of the new digs?

    Have a safe trip home and try to get some rest.

    ~hippo hugs~
    P.S. I thought you really had met Schneider. I was agog.

  4. You are a good friend to have Lyn. Your kindness to Jim is what this world needs more of.
    People can be so rude. It amazes me at times as I wonder, didn't your parents teach you any manners?
    I do believe this is why I don't go out much! Terrible I know but true!
    So I am wondering about this next adventure. You've got my curiosity goin'! Love Di ♥

  5. Your characters sound like some of Big Bookstore shoppers. And no matter how much signage you have, does not matter!!! People do not pay attention.

    I'm glad Jim's house sold, had a successful garage sale and is getting settled into a smaller home.


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