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Monday, May 24, 2010

A little catching up

OK, time to begin a bit of catchup. I have to say, the last month in my life has been insanely busy and full, and I swear, it feels as if 4/25 was months ago. I told Linda earlier that when I returned from Colorado, I felt as if I had been away for much longer than three travel days and four visit days.

In the last few weeks, my pups have grown a lot. Having Linda here has been very good for them. They are accepting other people a lot easier. They barked at my sister a little the first day, then they were fine with her for the remainder of her visit. Even Max, the most standoffish, became her friend. He also has been quite friendly and relaxed with Linda, whether I am home or not. It is good for everyone concerned that Linda has been a member of our unusual family for these weeks. In fact, it well be hard to see her go when the tie comes, I suspect.

On two of my recent trips away, the pups have done some things that are aggravating. First, the remote control to my digital picture frame disappeared. I moved furniture, I raked the grass in the back yard with hopes of finding it, I covered the deck, but it just wasn't here. It was small, just about 1.5 X 2 inches, so it isn't hard to imaging that one of them chewed it up (Lola!) or even ate it (Sam!). Then while I was up north, the remote to my Bose sound system in the bedroom disappeared. Linda found it .... in several pieces in the back yard. I'll be replacing them both, and fortunately, neither is terribly expensive. Just irritating. Little mutts.

I also notices some grasses on the floor today. They were grasses that were in a tiny Indian pot that was on a shelf high on one wall. I wondered how they ended up on the floor, and discovered the little pot was not on the shelf. I looked around and found it in the back yard. It was slightly chewed up, but the big question was .... how did they get it from that shelf? Linda wondered if strong wind a couple nights ago might have knocked it or blown it off the shelf. Probably so.

Tonight, Linda and I were involved in a task (more on that in a minute), and I thoughtlessly left a pair of shoes in the living room. Been reading here for a while? But he also knows better than to chew on my shoes! It's as if he can't control himself! I picked up the shoe, and he ducked his head and began slinking out of the room. Yeah, I think he is guilty.

Remember the irises I bought before going to Colorado? One of them is blooming.

It is called "Throb." It is a rich golden yellow and is so pretty in the sunshine.

The others aren't blooming yet, but I looked up pictures of of them:

This is "Undivided Attention."

This is "Feminine Fire."

This is "Silverado."

And this is "Moon Journey."

There is also one called "Free Fall," and I can't find a picture of that one. I also can't remember what it looks like! I just know it was very pretty. That's all I need to know I think.

In Colorado, I met again a great niece who recently "friended" me on FB. We haven seen each other since she was about two years old. I so enjoyed getting to know her again, now that she is a beautiful 13 year old. She plays violin and she did a mini concert for us while we were there. What a treat that was!

Her father looked on proudly while she played.

I've enjoyed getting to know her through FB, but seeing her up close and personal was just delightful!

Then her grandfather, my brother, serenaded us with a little harmonica concert.

Tonight, while Sammy dined on my shoes (arghhh!) Linda and I went through my jewelry. I have more than a person can wear. Honestly. So I picked out a bunch of it for her to take to her shop to see if it will sell.

Here is what we pulled out for her to take away. Trust me, this represents maybe 1/4 of what I have!! It is mostly costume jewelry that I haven't worn in at least a couple years.

It will be nice to have more room and less confusing choices when I'm getting ready to go somewhere! I have wa-a-a-y too much.

We also got out a couple huge boxes of vintage hats I kept for some strange reason. I mean, really, why would somleone move their mother's and grandmother's hats from KC to NM? I knew one day they would have a purpose. Linda's shop is vintage clothes, her art of wearable silks and paintings. These hats will be fun with the other vintage items. If some of them sell, I'll have some pocket money! Woohoo!

I got a haircut today. Finally! It was nearly shoulder length, and was driving me crazy. I had debated about letting it grow just enough to pull up in the summer, but honestly, I didn't want to mess with it. My hairdresser had to quit suddenly when she developed shoulder nerve problems and was at risk for paralysis. I've been so busy that I hadn't taken time to find a new person. I went back to one I'd used in the past, and she did a good job. it feels wonderful to have my hair "normal"again.

OK, I'm tired again, and I need to get to bed. Y'all take care!


  1. You have been very busy Lyn. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed myself lately. I've been on a quest to get rid of things too. There's just so much you can hold onto you know? I still have a long way to go.
    The flowers were gorgeous, I love seeing all of them! So glad you were able to meet your niece again. What a sweet surprise.
    Love Di ♥

  2. I'm sorry to hear about those remotes. And shoes. But I love those frilly irises! Please post photos when the others bloom also. Your photos look better than the ads.


  3. Diana, it was a good, good trip all around. I'm so glad I was able to make the trip!

    Betty, I will do p0hotos when they bloom, and thanks!


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