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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

I hope everyone's day/weekend has gone well, and that while you've been having fun, you've remembered to honor our military personnel, past and present.

I've been doing some blech work. Cleaning and organizing in the house and a little yard work outside. I'm really hot and sweaty right now, and I've just sat down to have a glass of iced tea. Boy, does it taste good! I've turned on the air conditioner. I just replaced part of the drain hose and wanted to make sure it is working alright. I've left it on because it feels so good, SO GOOD to have a really cool house to come into after working outside in the heat. It is 86° out there. .....h.o.t......

Outside, I've only done some watering and cut the tops off some foxtail grass. I squirted the grass with Roundup the other day, but I wanted to get the heads before they start new clumps of that pesky stuff. If you remember, Jazi got one of the seeds in her eye last year, and it stayed there for several days and caused a terrible eye infection. I don't want that to happen again.

Inside, I straightened the office somewhat. I still have a lot to do, and it will take some time. But I got a great start on it. I can at least get in there to work and walk around now. I kid you not, it was just a horrible jumble of things I'd carried back there but hadn't found time to put away. OK, OK, I didn't find time because I didn't look for it. I admit it. Anyway, it is nearly normal now! Woohoooo!! The down side is that what is left will take a lot of time to put away because is is in need of organizing. Good for hot afternoons, and much better than cutting heads off foxtail in the heat!!

In the next couple days, I need to go through my clothing and see if I can find some things to put in Linda's shop on consignment. I'm trying to slim down my closets. I have so many clothes that a guest can't hang anything up! That's pathetic. Pathetic and ridiculous.

OK, I'm rested now, I guess I should bet back to work. Doing something. Maybe. If I can figure out something that takes little energy to complete.


  1. I need to go through my closet too. It is utterly ridiculous!

  2. Seems that we've been doing a lot of the same today. I've been doing some yard work and house work. And it is hot as blazes here too Lyn. It's that darned humidity. I kept coming inside to cool off. It's getting ready to storm soon.
    I hope by now that you are done for the day! Get some rest!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Daisy, it sounds like we need to have a c coast-to-coast closet cleaning party!

    Di, no storms are here. It got to 89° and was just too hot to stay out very long. I just don't do heat. Thank goodness it isn't humid here, though. Yeah, I'm done for the day, and fairly pleased with how much I got done. Kickin' back now!

  4. Enjoy your evening Lyn. What a good feeling to know that you are much better organized. I need to do the closet thing. :(

  5. See? We DO need a coast-to-coast closet cleaning!!

  6. I heard an echo of my own voice there! I'm always just about to 'get sorted' but I never quite get there!

  7. RR, the thing is, at my age, I don't care as much as I should!!


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