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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Self brutality?

We had the best rain today. It was just about a quarter inch. That will soak in nicely. We are supposed to have some more overnight and through Saturday. If it keeps that pace, say a quarter to half inch a day, it will be very good for the soil.

When I was rebuilding the handrail yesterday, I was carrying a 2/4/12' board, and it sorta rolled out of my hands as I lifted it over my head, and it hit me on the front of my right shoulder. I knew I would probably have a sore, bruised shoulder, but didn't think much of it. Then this morning I was checking the shoulder, which is a bit sore, but fortunately I caught it on the fleshy part of the shoulder, so it isn't bruised. At least not yet. However, while I was doing that I discovered that there is a spot on my breastbone, just below the collar bone, that is sore and has a knot. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. The only thing I could guess was that as I pulled and pushed the boards into place yesterday (some of them took all the strength I had to get them lined up) I might have pulled a rib out.. The old ones were twisted and warped out of shape, so the new ones had to bring the others back into the correct line. I didn't remember any pain that might have indicated that, but I simply couldn't think of anything else.

Tonight I was telling Linda about it, and she mentioned that the board might have hit me, not just on the shoulder, but on the breast bone, too. Well, duh! it makes perfect sense, and it lines up perfectly. I'm such a klutz!

I had a wonderfully lazy day today. I think I needed it after the trips of the last three weeks and the carpentry from yesterday. Not only that, but I may repeat it tomorrow! Life couldn't be much better than that! Retirement rocks!


  1. I have several urgent prayer requests at arise 2 write.

  2. I so jealous of your retirement..can't wait until my own.

  3. I'll be over and check it, Andrea.

    MJ, I'm not kidding when I say it rocks!

  4. I hope you feel better. That sounds like it needs to be check out.

    I think the universe is trying to tell you something, has been for a while, it is time to let your body slow down and rest for a while. Try it for at least a week, no chores, no moving, not building small sheds in the back yard or installing hardwood floors or new plumbing, just rest your body, mind and soul. I know this is a tough concept for you, but I really think between the traveling and all the other busy activities you have been involved with, it is time to really relax. Please.

    Hope that bump goes away soon.

  5. But .... but .... but ....

  6. Well Lyn if anyone deserves a few days off, it is you. You sound so much like me in some ways. When I am working on a project I give it my all, even risking injury! Damn fools!! You also seem as though you can't sit for too long, that is me for sure. As a matter of fact, my knee is much better today so I can get some things done again! Yeah!
    Love Di ♥

  7. Di, I'm glad you're better today and can get back to "business." Yes, you're right, I don't sit around well. For a day, yes, but if I sit more than a day, something is wrong, take my pulse. Right now I'm chomping at the bit to do "stuff"!!!!

  8. Have a wonderful relaxing memorial weekend.


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