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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weekend Doin's

Linda and I sent to an estate sale yesterday morning. Neither of us planned to buy anything. Both of us did! Of course!

I spent less than $50, but I came away with some things I love.
  • A heavy duty table (coffee table size) for the deck, unfinished or rough finished. I'll paint part or all of it in the bright colors I've been using on the deck fixtures. 

  • Another table that is metal structure and inlaid tile top. The tiles were loose, but for $12, it is worth taking time to re-grout the top. I have no tasks on my plate anyway, you know! LOL!  [no photo on this yet]
  • I got a small, simple wooden bookshelf. It, too needs painted, but it's a nice size for small items. I'm not sure where it is going.  [no photo yet]

    • I got a mirror, 36" long and about 15" high. The frame is lightly distressed red, and it has five coat hooks across the bottom. I've hung it in the hall, right next to the front door and the dogs' leashes are hanging on the hooks.

    • There are several kitchen items, a very heavy duty saucepan, a couple Corningware pieces, an insulated casserole carrier, and a pestle & mortar. I have one already, but occasionally I want to do two different herbs without mixing them, and this gives me that option.
    • A nice small suitcase. I have one of a similar size, but this one has more room. It was only $4. The woman said she used it just once when she had a suitcase damaged and she bought it to get home. When her other was repaired, she didn't need this one.
    • And a few books. Who can resist books at estate sales?

    Linda spent a lot more than I did, but she got some pretty marvelous buys. I came home and hung the mirror, used the heavy table for potting some plants, and made some plans for the shelf. I think I know what I want to do with it, but I don't know where it is going, so I won't paint it till I'm sure what it needs for it's location.

    Don't ya love estate/garage/yard sales?

    I'm going to Tucson next week and help Jim with an estate sale. I don't know what I'm walking into. I hope he is already deciding about prices, 'cause it is hard to set a price on someone else's possessions. Linda will be here with The Kids, so I don't have to worry about home and occupants. They've become completely comfortable with her, so they won't miss me too much.

    Later in the day I planted most of my plants that were going into hanging pots.

    Nothing like having beautiful flowers with beautiful mountains as a background.

    And then there are the sitting pots (as opposed to hanging pots).

    This is one of my cast iron kettles. Much of the plants are returning from last year, but I've added some new things. See the grass at the back? Linda calls it "Shih Tzu Tail Grass"!! LOL!! (you may need to click and enlarge to see it.) I don't remember what its real name is, but I thought it was cool.

    This morning I decided to plant the marigolds to deter the deer. I got 62 plants in the ground. Whew! Glad it is done! While I was out there, I saw this fellow:

    A huge horned toad! He is about as long, from nose to tip of tail, as my hand, from finger tips to heel. And that chubby body was almost as wide as my palm!
    He was enjoying the sun. The temp was about 56°, very little wind, and nice outside. I'm sure that rock was absorbing the warmth for him.

    He was pretty casual about my presence.

    Not long after I was back in, you'll never guess what happened. I know I couldn't believe it!

    Yep, you're seeing it right. That is SNOW!!

    It has been coming down pretty regularly since then, but the temperature has not changed much. The temp on the right side is the outside temperature.  Now it is still 52° out there, two hours later and after a lot of non-sticking snow!!

    I live in New Mexico, the Land of You-Never-Know!


    1. Wow, you've been busy! I used to play with those horned toads (we called them horney toads, don't know why) when I was a little girl and lived in the California desert!
      I'm glad that snow isn't sticking!

    2. Hi, Deb! Yeah, we called them horney toads, too, but that was usually followed by giggles, so I decided to go with "horned"!!! LOL!

    3. I love the things you purchased, all very useful, and will look beautiful when you are finished with them. Have a good trip to Tucson......has he sold his place or just getting ready?

    4. Thanks, Ruth, I'm very happy with my purchases! Yes, the house is in escrow! Boy, was he relieved!

    5. I LOVE new new mirror!! And how perfect that it has 5 hooks for the leashes. I would love to find a mirror like that.

      So, did mother nature not get the memo that it is May??? But I will say...if we got snow in May I would be so happy I would probably pee my pants. I really need to move to where you are. Seriously.

    6. *the first NEW should say THE. I think I was so excited that you got snow that I didn't realize what I was typing. :)

    7. I love your finds!! And your plants look lovely against the backdrop of that gorgeous view you have!

      I'm still shaking my head about the snow. That's pretty wild.

    8. Caroline, I'm laughing about the "new"!! I hate it when I do that; my fingers simply can't keep up with my thoughts!

      I love the finds of garage/yard/estate sales! The mirror is a fav, but let me tell you, I can see already that the table on the deck is going to be wonderful, too!

      It is still snowing without freezing and accumulating! The ground is very wet, a good thing. And YES!!! You need to move here, but when your "time'" is up in Marysville! I'd love that! Do you remember when Glenn said he was going to move you here with us? ;D

    9. Jen, thanks, I love them, too! I love this place! The weather .... I thing Mother Nature has lost her mind! LOL!

    10. Congrats on your bargains and on getting your pots planted in time for a little watering with snow... How crazy is that??

    11. Mary Ann, It got even crazier overnight. I woke to something over an inch of snow on the ground!!

    12. I thought Upstate, NY was wacky, but I think NM might beat it. I was just telling some gals at Curves this A.M. how beautiful NM is, at least the part we've seen. We plan to spend more time in your fair state some year soon.

      You "done good" at the sale. I haven't the patience for those things. I'm jealous about your planting. I won't even think about it until late May.

      Sorry about my lack of writing this weekend. Don't know what was wrong with me. I'll do better this week.

      ~hippo hugs~

    13. Pam, be sure to let me know when you come back to NM. We'll meet up somewhere and have dinner!

      Yeah, I think you should be fired from your writing job! ;D

    14. O.K. I've been here four times to comment and every time something or someone has taken me away. Finally I can comment!
      I love the Horny Toad! I love reptiles Lyn and have always wanted a LEEZARD! I would have named Mr. Toad, silly I know but he was cute.
      And you got yourself such a good bargain! All under fifty bucks, man I need to go rummaging with you!
      All your plants looked great Lyn and the mountain scenery, I am envious! Just gorgeous!
      I really liked that coffee table on the deck, can't wait to see what you do with the rest!
      Love Di ♥

    15. The view from your place is just beautiful Lyn. I love your bargains and isn't it fun to get a good deal??

    16. Di, there are days like that, aren't there?

      I used to play with little horny toads as a kid. They were everywhere, and most were about the size of a silver dollar, so this guy was a real surprise! We used to put them in shoe boxes with sand and leaves, etc., and watch them for hours. Mom was always adamant that we always let them go, unharmed, before the day was out.

      As for the shopping .... c'mon down!

      Moni, that view is a knock out. It's a big reason I bought this place. Being able to watch the sun rise over those mountains in the morning is a never-ending pleasure!

      And bargains? Oh, YEAH!!

    17. Love all the bargains. Cowboy and I love estate sales and furnished our home with tons of bargains.

    18. The flowers are beautiful. I have yet to see a horned toad. My son sees them all the time. You know my feelings about snow but I would like the snow you got.


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