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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A good day, for the most part

Yesterday's trip was pretty good, all things considered. My total cost was $34 for an oil change. That was very good!

They couldn't find anything wrong, although the diagnostic readout said there was something (non specific) in the emissions system. They ran a "smoke test" in which smoke is piped into the system, and they watch for the smoke to leak out of holes. Nothing happened. So the mechanic decided to clean as much as he could in the lines, etc., to see if it would help. Apparently it did, as the "gas cap" light hasn't come back on.

They noticed that the oil was the wrong kind, and that could cause the "check engine" light to come on. So somewhere along the way, someone (not the dealership) changed the weight of oil! I didn't notice, because I trusted those who change the oil to read the sticker from the preivous change and follow suit. Clearly, someone didn't. However, I had quit going to the dealership for oil changes because of the distance. The oil change is cheaper at the dealership than at Walmart or the local mechanic, so maybe I need to go back to that. It's just a pain in the neck because of the hour drive. I had them change the oil again, even though it was changed just a week ago, and now the warning light is off.

If I'd been taking the truck to the dealership, they would have advised me about the 50,000 mile check ups, too. I could have had them all done one at a time to avoid a heavy expense. Now I'm faced with almost $1000 of tune-ups and checks to avoid my warranty being voided. GAH!! I need to decide how to go about it, a little at a time, or bite the bullet and just get 'er done. It needs some thought. sigh. My crystal ball says there will be better planning in my future.

I stopped at Lowe's before leaving town and found a tone of great plants to replace those in my large pots on the deck. Many of them were on sale for $1 or $2! I like that!! After I eat breakfast, I'm going to see if I can get some planting and replanting done before noon. We may have some showers this afternoon, and it would be nice to have them in the garden for that. Even though I will water them when I plant, it will be good to have some fresh rain to help them get started.

OK, gonna feed the belly and get crackin'. Y'all have a beautimous day!


  1. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support.

  2. Glad you got some more plants Lyn but sorry about the pick-up expense. That was one of the reasons we traded ours in. Maintenance and tires! Very expensive! Plus I really didn't need one in town. I have been very busy also, I'm going to try and post tonight! Love Di ♥

  3. I hope you have a very productive day! Nothing like rain to get your plants started!

  4. Yes, it can be expensive. I suppose I could live without a PU, but not well. I use the bed on a daily basis for hauling, and without 4WD, I couldn't get up my driveway in the winter.

    I surely hope we get rain. It isn't due till later in the afternoon,and it is now just a slim chance. sigh.

  5. Don't cha just love all the lights and gadgets in vehicles now days telling you when something is wrong? Dear Hubby's truck dash says he needs an oil change and he just changed it ~ something with the messaging needed to be reset. I wonder if he put the wrong weight in?? I'll have to ask him to double check.
    Have fun replanting! I'll be doing that too before the wedding in August... freshening up the flowerbeds.

  6. Mel, my past car had that, too. It usually just means that they forgot to reset it when the oil was changed. You can actually reset it yourself. Check the owner's manual.

    For now the planting and replanting is done. Whew. The yard is beginning to look good enough for a wedding here, too! Of course, that is using Xeriscaping standards, but still, it is looking good!

  7. You know Lyn, we just ignore that engine light. At first we would take the thing into the shop and get a tuneup which worked for a day or two then back to having that darn light come back on. Who knows why.

  8. Fortunately, Moni, I trust the dealer in Alamogordo. They have been straight up and honest with me, and they are willing to keep looking till they find the problem. They didn't charge me for the diagnostic or anything but the oil change, which was my choice. I appreciate that!

  9. I just rolled over 206,000 miles on my mini-van after having the fan belts replaced and the oil changed last week. Woo hoo! Can 300,000 be far off? But it's a 98 and showing its age--the "check engine" light is always on, sometimes the "brake!" light too which is a bit scary, no horn, no AC, etc.

  10. All that would drive me crazy, Dave! But maybe it's a gal/guy thing? Or maybe I have a touch of OCD?


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