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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

Yesterday's trip to Roswell was successful. But then, when isn't a day trip with shopping good? Right!

Since the temperature was going to be over 100° in Roswell, we went early and hurried around, getting most of the errands done before noon. We had lunch at Chili's, and got ready to do the last couple errands. When we walked out, I couldn't believe how hot it had become! I figured it had topped 100°, but the thermometer in the truck said it was a mere 98°. Chicken feed!

The very last stop was at Home Depot. By the time I loaded the lumber (just 3 sticks) and flowers (a couple flats) I bought, I was soaking wet. And of course, the truck was hotter than Hades after sitting in the sun. It took a while to get it cooled down. On our way out of town we stopped at a frozen custard place and got a "cool off" treat. Man, did it taste good! However, I couldn't eat it all, so at home, I stuck it in the freezer and stirred it a dozen times before bedtime to keep it from being too solid. I had the rest of it this morning for breakfast!! Now, it was mocha/espresso, so I figure it is OK, right?

Today the temp in Roswell is predicted to be 110°. I'm so glad we did our run yesterday. It is supposed to be around 95° here. Very unusual. I don't plan to do much outside today. I did get out and planted the flowers I brought home yesterday. They are gorgeous, planted in three huge pots on the deck. Now, just a few minutes ago, I read about these flowers, Gazania, and I've learned that they are South African in origin, and are drought resistant ground covers. That's a good thing, because I will be transplanting them to my garden. I hate to because they are gorgeous in the pots. So why am I going to 0put them out in the garden? Well, I also read that parts of them are poisonous if ingested. "If ingested"??? with my dogs???? There is no"if" with them. If the plants can be reached, they will be ingested. Damn. Guess I'll be looking for something pet friendly for the big pots.

They're beautiful. What a shame I can't keep them on the deck.

How gorgeous are they?

But on the other hand, they will look beautiful with the Marigolds and Red Hot Pokers, and the others that aren't blooming yet: Daisies, Columbine, Lilies, etc.

I really hate that I'm going to have to re plant them, though. Forty-eight more holes to dig. Gah.


  1. They are gorgeous Lyn and they will look beautiful in the garden. I understand about digging the holes. That is a lot to dig! I only need a few dug this weekend but because my knees are so bad I can't use a shovel anymore. Fortunately Jake is home and he will do it for me.
    It's been 90 here, humid and just plain yucky. Happy gardening, and don't get over heated!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Di, I'm glad I don't have to deal with the humidity as you do. And I must say, you are SO lucky to have Jake. I envy that!

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous!!!

  4. Thank you, Daisy. I think so, too!

  5. It's only June and i'm already tired of the humidity. Stay cool! Those flowers are gorgeous! You need to hire a mole or chipmunk or something to dig the holes :)

  6. Caroline, I suspect it will cool off. But it could surprise us as much as lat winter did, who knows? I HOPE NOT!!

    Patti, I'd love to have critters dig my holes, but .... (1) even those pests can't dig through rocks, and (2) you never get rid of those nasty little rodents!


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